Treehouse vs Udemy 2022: The Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons)

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In this article, we are going to study the various features of Treehouse vs Udemy, their advantages, and other aspects that can help you to decide which one is the best platform for your learning purposes. 


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Check out
Pricing $25/mo $9
Best for

Anyone interested in coding, from beginners to experienced software development.

Both Teachers and Students who want to gain professional skills.

  • 1,000 hours of high-quality videos
  • Certification Available
  • Instructors Selected by Screening
  • Thousands of Courses
  • Certification After Techdegree
  • High Level Screening
  • Tech Degrees are well known and they are highly reputed.
  • Access to the courses till the subscription ends.
  • Provide top-notch customer services.
  • Wide Variety of different courses
  • Clear pricing details.
  • Lifetime access for your courses.
  • Not provide other courses except for technology.
  • No integrations are available.
  • Slow at times.
  • Some courses are of low quality.
Ease of Use

Treehouse offers simple features to its users, so they don’t get confused.

Udemy is very easy to use, students can download videos and audios and upload them in the drive for watching it in the future.

Value For Money

Their subscription plans vary from $25 per month to $199 per month. Treehouse offers discounts every month.

All courses are priced between $9 to $199. In Udemy, students have to pay individually for every course.

Customer Support

Treehouse offers top-notch customer services to all its users. The faith and trust of its customers are uncompromisable.

Udemy has cognizant support with 24/7 customer support.

Online learning platforms are great to hype these days. Here different skill developers can enhance their skills and online learning systems need less time commitment than traditional systems of learning. E-learning platforms offer more flexibility and you can learn at your own pace.

These platforms can discover new skills and hobbies. It becomes much easier with the help of these platforms to develop your new skills. 

There are multiple online platforms that are available worldwide. Treehouse and Udemy are two of them which are the finest online learning platforms. Both these tools can help you in developing your presentation skills as well. Both of them provide the best courses for website designing, technology-oriented courses.

So let’s get started!

Overview: Treehouse vs Udemy


Udemy overview- treehouse vs udemy comparison

Udemy is an e-learning platform that provides n no. of courses to discover your new skills. It offers n no. of courses on n no. of subjects, which any other platforms do not provide.

 You can find a website development course to a makeup artist course on Udemy. Currently, it has 1,00,000+ courses and Udemy always updates its website with new features and new courses. 

And, And, And, Udemy offers its courses in 65 different languages, so you will never face any barrier to learning in your language. Do you know with the help of  Udemy courses you can increase your skillset and find a potential job? Yes, you read it right. You can develop new skills and find a suitable job for your career. 

You can find more than one course on one topic because a lot of instructors design their courses and upload them on Udemy. Sometimes, it may create a lot of confusion for you to decide who is the best instructor for this course. But not to worry, we have a solution ready for you. You can check reviews and whichever has more positive reviews, you can buy the course from that instructor. 

One of the best features of Udemy is lifetime access to the course. You can watch them again and again if you wish to recall the concepts of your subject. Udemy does not offer a free trial for its courses, but it offers a 30 days 100% money-back guarantee. 

It provides a lot of discounts on its courses to new users.  It is a really popular online learning platform offering various services to both teachers and students. It aimed to upload new courses and grow every day and sign up more. 

Features of Udemy:

  • Wide no. of courses: Udemy has a library of all the different courses, it has a lot of courses on n no. topics. You can select any course depending upon your budget and start learning and exploring. 
  • Free Courses: Udemy gives 2,00,000+ free courses to their students. 
  • Easy to use: Only a few details to be required, and you can easily sign up for your courses.
  • Customer Reviews: Most of the customers are satisfied with the services of Udemy. 
  • Access to the Course: Students will have lifetime access to their courses after their enrollment and enjoy learning a lifetime. 
  • Quality videos: The quality of the courses is impactful, helpful and the most importantly engaging. It is very easy for students to understand because instructors explain in a very detailed manner while giving live examples. 
  • Feedback form: Udemy platform offers feedback form to all the students after completing their course, and gives suggestions where the platform and instructors have to improve, how is the quality of videos, audios. 


Treehouse overview- Udemy vs treehouse

Well, we all know how coding is important in someone’s life for designing a website. In this digital world, every brand has a website to present online and to increase the brand word of their products.

Treehouse is the best platform that provides a lot of courses for coding, website development, mobile application development, and game development. 

Who wants to build their careers in Website designing and coding, then I must say for developing your coding skills, you will not get any other platform better than this. 

It also has some beginner-level courses and intermediate level courses for coding. It provides high-quality videos and hundreds of advanced features. Students can even find a job in coding after completing the course of coding- from basic to advanced level. 

If you are looking to have a career in web development, then you must go for the Treehouse Techdegree program. It provides extensive support and detailed learning in all the concepts of coding and web development. This platform was created in 2011, to provide quality education to everyone. 

Features of Treehouse:

  • No. of Courses: Treehouse provides more than 300 courses on its website in technology-oriented and coding.
  • Reliability: Treehouse is a reliable e-learning platform for students. It provides accurate reviews for all courses which help students to select the best course. We can say that it is a trustworthy platform. You will find the proper and systematic arrangement of all the features. 
  • Quality: Treehouse gives consistent quality in all course videos. You will never face any issue with the quality of videos. It has a well centric UI. 
  • Presentations, Videos, Lectures: Treehouse provides course materials in the form of visual lectures, audios, videos, PDFs, presentations, notes, etc. Students can download all course materials for future learning. 
  • New Programs: Treehouse publishes new programs on coding, android app development, JavaScript, HTML on a monthly basis. So students can learn new courses as well, and they do not have to pay individually for all the courses. 
  • A suitable platform for beginners: Treehouse is the best platform for beginners who wish to learn coding and web development from scratch, and it is very easy to understand for them, and all courses easily fit into your budget.

Comparative Analysis Between Udemy and Treehouse

Certificate of the Course

Udemy offers certificates after completing every course. Students get their certificates immediately, but they are offered in only paid courses. No certificate is given in free courses. And Udemy offers 2,00,000+ free courses on its platform.

udemy certficates- udemy and treehouse comparison

Treehouse gives certificates only in theirtech degree programs. In tech degree programs, there is a combination of video lectures, quizzes, audio lectures, workshops, coding assignments, and final exams. The duration of a Tech degree is a minimum of three months and includes 9-12 different projects.

Treehouse certifications

After completing all projects and final exams, students will get certificates. And Tech degree certificates are well recognized and can be used in Job interviews. 

Verdict: Both the tools performed well, and Udemy offers certificates in their paid courses whereas Treehouse offers certificates in their tech degree programs. Certificates create a high impression and increase your knowledge and experience. 

Easy to Use: Udemy Vs Treehouse

It is a very important factor of comparison that is easier to use, and gives fewer complications to users. Students always find an easy platform that gives them a lot of knowledge and they don’t get confused while using it.

We all know that online learning has some advantages as well as some disadvantages.

You can enjoy learning your course while sitting at home and discover new skills, but sometimes you have to face some technical issues. All this technology is created by human beings, not created by God. 

Udemy is very easy to use, students can download videos and audios and upload them in the drive for watching it in the future. You can easily register for your course, and always check reviews of students that are given on the course before registration. After registration, you have to categorize your posts and choose one among a lot of courses.

Choosing the best one among n no. of courses is really difficult.

Udemy never restricts no. of courses on particular subjects. Students sometimes face difficulty while selecting their course and categorizing them. 

Treehouse offers simple features to its users, so they don’t get confused. With just one click of a button, you will land on a list of different courses on the site.

On your dashboard, you can change your settings any time any day. While selecting the no. of courses you want to do in a month, it depends on you. You only have to fill in details such as email, password, phone no.,

Your name, and name of the course. Entire courses are designed and presented in an organized manner, which helps the beginner to slowly and steadily grip the topic. Treehouse has a very user-friendly, easy to go, and navigable interface.

Verdict: Based on the user interface and easy to use and navigate, Treehouse is the winner. Because Treehouse offers more simple features than Udemy. Students get confused while selecting their courses and categorizing them on Udemy, but on Treehouse, they will not face any more difficulties. Therefore, Treehouse wins the battle. 

Pricing Plans: Udemy Vs Treehouse

Pricing is a vital factor that cannot be ignored while comparing two platforms. Here we are going to discuss the pricing packages of both platforms, and let you decide which fits into your budget.


All popular course prices went down every few weeks after launching the course. It easily fits in your budget because all course costs are pocket friendly.

All courses are priced between $9 to $199. In Udemy, students have to pay individually for every course. Udemy does not offer monthly subscription plans, it only offers course pricing. 

You can complete your one course in 3 weeks maximum, and then start learning another course if you wish to. This platform is suitable for those who only want to learn one or two courses and need basic as well as advanced learning. Udemy offers discounts every week also. 


Treehouse is a suitable platform for those who wish to learn more courses, not only one or two, and would like to develop more skills. These students can subscribe for a month or can choose yearly plans as well. 

Their subscription plans vary from $25 per month to $199 per month. Treehouse offers discounts every month. You can watch your videos till the subscription ends.

There are three different types of pricing plans under Treehouse. Let’s discuss what are they:

  • Basic Plan– It costs $25 per month. It is also known as a beginner-oriented plan. 
  • Pro Plan– It costs $49 per month. It includes all the features of the Basic Plan and includes other advanced features such as Unlimited access to the videos and you can download them for watching them in the future after your subscription ends. All videos can be watched when you are offline. 
  • Another pricing plan is the well-known plan, TechDegree Plan It costs $199 per month. In this plan, you can learn your courses at your own pace and it includes all the features of the basic plan and pro plan. This plan is highly suitable for those people who are sure that they want to pursue their career in a tech-based job. This plan includes personalized feedback as well.

Verdict: This battle solely depends on the suitability of the person. If he/she wants to develop more skills and learn more courses, and build their career in the technology department, then can go with Treehouse.

And if students wish to learn one or two courses in economical pricing, then they can choose Udemy.  

Customer Support: Udemy Vs Treehouse

Customer support is a very important aspect not only for e-learning platforms but of each and every kind of platform available.

Udemy has a solid customer support system. They also have blogs and forums to help clear any doubts the user is facing. They have community groups on Facebook as well. Apart from it, they have a 24/7 customer support system on the website to solve real time queries.

They do not offer live chat but they offer customer support via email. The average waiting time for consumers via emails is between 15-45 minutes. 

Treehouse offers top-notch customer services to all its users. The faith and trust of its customers are uncompromisable.

In my opinion, Treehouse, with all its features stands out to be efficient for providing knowledge and skills on a global basis.  It has an online community for you to ask questions or share ideas. Treehouse also does not provide customer support via live chat, only offers support through emails. 

Verdict: Based on Customer support, both platforms performed equally. Both of them provide support via email only. Therefore, it is a clear tie between both the e-learning platforms.

Course Categories: Udemy Vs Treehouse

Udemy offers its courses in business, development, design, music, language sectors. 

Udemy online courses

In the business sector, no. of courses are offered on entrepreneurship, sales, real estate, finance etc. 

In the Designing sector, Udemy has courses on web designing, graphic designing, interior designing, etc. 

In the Music sector, it offers courses on vocal instruments, music softwares, music production, music composition etc. 

In the Lifestyle department, various courses are available on art and craft, beauty tips, makeup artist courses, personality development courses, yoga courses etc. 

Treehouse only offers its courses in the tech based department. It has courses on coding, mobile app development, android app development, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, game development, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, WordPress website designing. 

Treehouse courses - udemy vs treehiuse

Verdict: Based on course categories, Udemy is the clear winner because Udemy offers various course categories whereas Treehouse only offers tech based courses. Therefore, we can conclude that Udemy takes this round home. 

Pros and Cons of Udemy and Treehouse

Pros of Udemy: 

  • Clear pricing details.
  • Economical Pricing of all the courses.
  • A great option for beginners.
  • Wide Variety of different courses
  • Customer support via email is outstanding.
  • Lifetime access for your courses.
  • All courses are of short duration.
  • Find a suitable course for yourself with the help of reviews and ratings.
  • The platform is really easy to use.

Pros of Treehouse:

  • Best platform for beginners and intermediate students for detailed learning in the tech based department. 
  • Tech Degrees are well known and they are highly reputed. 
  • Simple and easy interface. Provides three different kinds of Pricing plans. 
  • Offers discounts every month.
  • Access to the courses till the subscription ends. 
  • Provide top-notch customer services. 
  • Organized and categorized content structure for all courses. 

Cons of Udemy: 

  • Do not provide customer support via live chat.
  • Slow at times.
  • Lack of clean code.
  • Some courses are of low quality.
  • Only suitable for beginners to learn basics, not the best platform for in-depth knowledge. 
  • No proper integrations.
  • Students face issues while making payment.
  • If you take more than two or three courses, it costs you more money. 

Cons of Treehouse

  • Only suitable for those students who want to pursue their career in the technology department.
  • Not provide other courses except for technology. 
  • Do not provide customer support via live chat, only email support is available. 
  • No integrations are available.
  • There are many alternatives to Treehouse which provide better services and features than Treehouse. 
  • Many aren’t exactly happy with the way the transaction plans are charged.
  • Only tech degrees are recognized. For tech degree learning programs, students have to purchase the tech degree plan which costs $199 per month, and is very expensive. 

FAQs On Treehouse vs Udemy

✅ How are the customer support services to Udemy?

Udemy has an outstanding customer support system, and provides solutions for all questions in minimum time. They do not support via live chat, only email support is available.

🏆 Are the courses good enough on Treehouse?

Yes, all courses on Treehouse are well explained and offer certificates after completing every course. Instructors provide workshops and quizzes, assignments as well.

🔥 What are the few alternatives of Udemy available?

Udacity, Lynda, Treehouse, PluralSight are the four e-learning platforms, and alternatives of Udemy.

💼 Who Should Invest In Udemy?

Udemy is best suited for someone looking to get singular courses in categories like music, yoga and foreign languages.

💥 Who Should Invest In Team Treehouse?

You can use their certified degree programs for upgrading the knowledge that might help you in a promotion or getting a job.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose? | Treehouse vs Udemy

It is up to you which platform you want to choose. Based on customer support, both platforms performed well and thus both of them are less and more the same.

Based on pricing plans, if you wish to go with tech-based courses, then choose Treehouse. Udemy offers a wide range of categories and courses. The pick should completely be personal and you have all the information on your hands now to choose the one you like. 

Overall, Udemy and Treehouse are useful tools for e-learning and discovering new skills in this pandemic. Both are equally reliable and easy to use and provide the best assistance to you. I hope this article gives you a detailed peek into what these platforms are and how they are beneficial to you. 

Verdict: Udemy and Treehouse are useful tools for e-learning and discovering new skills in this pandemic. Both are equally reliable and easy to use and provide the best assistance to you.

Schilling Arden

Schilling Arden is a quick learner with a curious mind. He aims to educate the people about the most popular learning platforms which they can use to improve their skills. This motivated him to create TSN Digital Marketing , where he has put out all the data that would surely help you find everything there is to know about online learning platforms.

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  1. The platform offers a wide range of courses from yoga to leadership skills, taught by industry experts & professionals. The best thing I like the most is they offer discount codes in every short period of time that help students to learn at a relatively low cost. The Udemy interface is simple & user-friendly

  2. The Udemy website is a great place to get started with programming. It has a huge array of courses which you can find on their homepage. What I like about their course offerings is that they are flexible, and there is a lot more material than just the basics.

    So if you’re looking for a way to learn this skill, Udemy is the perfect place to start.

  3. Udemy is extremely simple to utilize, students can download recordings and sounds and transfer them in the drive for watching it later on.

    Udemy has a strong customer support team. They likewise have sites and discussions to help clear any questions the client is confronting. They have local gatherings on Facebook also. Aside from it’s anything but, a day in and day out client assistance framework on the site to address constant questions.

  4. Udemy gives a brilliant chance to learn a wide variety of subjects like programming dialects (Python, and Javascript), Blockchain, AWS, Rotoscoping, Archeology Accelerated Learning Techniques, and so forth

    Courses found on Udemy are either free or paid (with moderate costs and gigantic limits that go up to 90% off normal costs).

    Individuals who have the enthusiasm to progress in their vocations accept these courses as a pathway to further develop their work-related abilities.

  5. I really like the fact that Udemy instructors have the ability to update their classes as needed, and each course features a Q&A tool for receiving instructor support. The Q&A feature allows students to read previous answers from instructors, ask their own questions, or even answer questions for other students. This kind of support is a lot more helpful than reading a text or watching a video.

  6. The thing I don’t like about Udemy is that taking classes from a number of various teachers implies you will not get the sort of consistency you’ll find from a full assistance coding school.

  7. I love the fact that udemy has a large number of courses. This website covers almost every subject from business to dance or design to IT and software development. You can even find a professional massage training course on Udemy. With some research and clicks, you’ll get an expert-led course in any subject, and you can start to learn anywhere and anytime.


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