Ways to Take Good Pictures from Your Phone

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ways to take photos
Ways to Take Good Pictures

Before spending your savings to rent or buy a DSLR camera and a lens for photography, go for using the smartphone camera that you lug around with you everywhere.

You may perhaps think that using your handset for photography sounds a little silly but with developments in technology, It is completely possible to produce excellent photos by using your phone’s camera features like focusing modes, slow motion camera, etc and a stand (tripod). This alternative is user-friendly and economical.

So,after  reading this article you will be known to Ways to Take Good Pictures.

Ways to Take Good Pictures

The 1st thing to do: Selecting the best Camera phone

Many handsets present in the market are equipped with excellent cameras. If you have bought one of the smartphones mentioned below, then you’ve got a DSLR alternative in your pocket.

Below are some phones that have awesome cameras:

2nd Thing to do: Get Accessories

Without the gadgets and accessories that can be used with handsets, it can be tough to produce what you want to capture amazing images. We suggest using a table, a backdrop, a lighting setup, a lens, and a stand or tripod to support your pictures noticeable.

1. Backdrop

Use a light gray or white background to give your shots a consistent and clean look and to eradicate distractions. You can make your background by using rolled paper, a sheet, a foam board, or a well-painted wall.

2. Table

Use a tabletop so that your product is higher and it will be easy for you to capture. 

3. Light

There are several possibilities for lighting, but the simplest and inexpensive way is to go for natural light. Place your product close to a window to get a plentiful light in your shot.

4. Image Stabilization

ways to take photos
Ways to Take Good Pictures

Natural lighting creates beautiful snaps, but it frequently needs image stabilization equipment, such as a tripod or a stand.

Here are some good choices that can be used for almost all the handsets:

5. Lenses

Ways to Take Good Pictures
Ways to Take Good Pictures

You can go for peripheral lenses with your handsets. If you need to zoom closer to your product and generate a macro shot, you will be capable of focusing from some distance from your product.

Here are some excellent lenses that can be used on with phones:

  • Photojojo iPhone & Android lenses
  • Moment iPhone & Android lenses

3rd thing to do: Selecting the Right Application

We suggest you consult a professional application review about which apps are the top.

We’ve mentioned below some apps that get stellar reviews:

1. Shooting

We suggest that you initially go for the default camera app that is installed on your handset. But if you don’t get the desired result, here are some recommendations:

  • Android Camera Zoom FX
  • iPhone Camera+

2. Editing

For editing try the apps mentioned below:

  • Free Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Photoshop Touch

Capturing With Your Smartphone

Step One: Preparation

After collecting all of your applications and accessories, it is time to use your handset to capture your shots.

  • Create perfect lighting for your image.
  • Set up your backdrop and table.
  • Stabilize and position your phone.
  • Pay attention to extra details like proper dusting etc.

Step Two: Capturing

1. Adjust the app settings.

Zoom: Check that you have the zoom feature turned “ON”

Grid: We suggest turning “ON” grid function

Live Exposure: It will let you read your camera’s auto-exposure settings.

Quality: It is necessary to set your image quality too high so that you can produce outstanding pictures.

2. Adjust the camera settings.

Once you have suitably attuned your app settings, it is time to change the camera settings to click the best possible shot.

Zoom:  Ensure that all of the product fits inside the frame

White Balance: Touch the WB button and then click the white background.

Exposure: Tap the circular Exposure button and then click your artifact so that the product is exposed properly.

Focus: Tap the circular Focus button and then touch your artifact so that the camera knows to properly focus on the product.

LOCK: When you’re done adjusting the settings, don’t forget to touch each one again to lock the settings.

3. Capture the image.

Once all of the settings have been done and you have finalized your composition, exposure, and other things of your picture, it is time to capture an image by taping the big round button in the center.

Step Three: Editing

When you’ve got the picture it’s time to do the editing if necessary. Here are some adjustments that we suggest to improve your pictures: Sharpen, Crop & Straighten, Shadows, Contrast, & Vibrance etc.


There are 3 key reasons to sharpen your picture

  • To draw focus to some areas
  • To increase legibility
  • To overcome blurring caused by camera

Crop & Straighten

Use the Crop to crop and straighten images. The Crop is non-destructive, and you can select to keep the cropped pixels to enhance the crop borders. The Crop also offers in-built ways to straighten an image during cropping.


The term ‘shadow’ in photography is used to describe the darkest areas of a picture. Shadow is frequently concentrated in black tone areas but when used properly, it is still capable to have too much detail.

I hope the article helped you in order to be known to the ways to take photos .There are also many other options and Ways to Take Good Pictures which you can try to make your images admirable.

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