Tips for Using Beaver Themer to Create a Better Website 2022: Ultimate Guide

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Every website is unique, yet many have similar features like footers, headers, and 404 pages. Customizing these aspects isn’t always straightforward.

Beaver Themer may be your hidden weapon. This add-on may provide you with comprehensive control over these website foundations, allowing you to maximize any web page.

This guide will teach you how to use Beaver Themer to improve your site. Let’s go!

Tips for Using Beaver Themer to Create a Better Website: 4 Ways

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Beaver Themer’s Beaver Builder page builder to create layouts that go beyond the content area. It improves four crucial components of your WordPress website.

Tips for Using Beaver Themer to Create a Better Website

Make sure the Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder page builder plugins are running on your WordPress site.

1. Make a Header That Gets People’s Attention

The header is the first thing visitors view when they arrive at your website. Your website’s header serves as a welcome mat, letting visitors know they’ve arrived at the appropriate spot.

In addition, this is a great time to create your website’s identity. Though it’s a strong tool, WordPress’s header customization options are restricted by default.

A custom header for your WordPress site is possible using Beaver Themer. It’s tailorable in the same way a well-tailored suit would be. Using an interactive header is a great approach to encourage people to explore your site.

Additionally, it’s a terrific technique to keep them on your site and prevent them from leaving since they’re distracted.

2. Create a Convertible Footer

The footer at the bottom of your page is easy to miss. Nonetheless, it is the most visited site. Your footer is probably preventing you from obtaining the conversions you deserve.

The good news is that Beaver Themer’s default Footer design already includes placeholders for vital site information. You’ll also find an About Us section and editable phony links.

3. Convert Your 404 Page

If the server cannot find the requested web page, it returns a 404 error. Most WordPress themes provide a default 404 page. However, relying on this generic design may result in missed chances.

You may even transform a bad circumstance into a good one by improving the 404 page. Beaver Builder includes a 404 template to get you going. To utilize this design, build a new Themer Layout.

Give this design a name and choose Layout from the drop-down menu. You might also add a Menu module to your 404 page. This allows visitors to explore all information and navigate straight to any page that interests them.

4. Update the Look of Your Archive Page

An archive holds previously published information. WordPress archives all posts that match a given post type, category, or tag. WordPress creates an archive for custom post types enabled by a theme or plugin.

A well-organized archive may allow visitors to easily peruse months or years of data. Consider using Beaver Themer to speed up this vital page.

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Conclusion: Tips for Using Beaver Themer to Create a Better Website

The vast majority of websites share a variety of components and pages. Despite the fact that WordPress comes pre-loaded with a lot of this material, you’ll likely lose out on conversions if you don’t optimize the default designs. In the comments area below, please share your thoughts.

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