Post Launch Checklist 2023: [5 Best Ways to Maintain Your Client Relationships]

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Whether you get repeat business from customers or not depends on your post-launch connections. It’s easy to get comfortable and stagnate in these professional relationships. An after-launch checklist may help here.

Long-term customer connections are critical, as discussed in this piece. Then we’ll discuss five methods to keep the lines of communication open while earning some extra cash. So let’s begin!

Post Launch Checklist: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Client Relationships

The task isn’t done until the customer is satisfied. Keep in touch if you want to get more employment.

So, here’s a post-launch checklist with five strategies to keep clients happy.

Post Launch Checklist

1. Train WordPress Users

WordPress is an intuitive and user-friendly platform. But it doesn’t imply your customer shouldn’t be trained. You may show them how to utilize their website once it is launched.

It might be compensated training. You may make a series of educational films and charge for them. You might also provide your customer with individualized instruction.

You may also offer to guide them through the WordPress dashboard through Zoom. With proper training, clients may maximize their new website. It will also benefit your career as a designer and developer.

Teaching customers how to use their new sites might help them prevent blunders like deleting information. This may not be your responsibility, but it will still affect consumer satisfaction.

If your customers are unsatisfied with their sites after launch, you may struggle to get new employment. Effective training can make you a WordPress expert.

If your customer finds value in your coaching, you’ll be at the top of their list for future WordPress training. Tell the customer to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.

To avoid this situation, you might offer to educate your client everything about the new features every time WordPress updates.

2. Produce a Support Packages Range

Customers appreciate assistance in running a successful WordPress website since it takes time and effort. You’re in a good position to help them since you developed their website.

Most support contracts last a year or more. To establish long-term customer connections, provide them. You’ll already know the client’s needs since you’ve worked together before.

Maintaining their site is thus made simple. Given your track record with customers, you are a safer bet than betting on an unknown newcomer.

Be realistic about your abilities if you decide to enter the assistance field. Around-the-clock care commitment may seem attractive. But if you can’t keep that commitment, you’ve set yourself up for failure.

Constant over-promising and under-delivering may sour even the best of You don’t want to undo your progress.

However, a year-long support contract might irreparably harm your professional relationship and your prospects of gaining future work with the same client.

3. Refresh the Site Often

Your client’s website will be cutting-edge in design and development when it launches. However, fashions change and people’s habits change. So your client’s page will inevitably get out of date.

You should regularly check the client’s website to assist increase conversion rates. Then you may suggest adjustments to bring it up to date with current web design and development techniques.

You may provide this as a free service or as a paid addition. Both techniques have benefits and drawbacks.

If you provide a free site refresh, few will refuse it. It’s a proven approach to staying in touch with customers. It may also assist build your reputation as a legitimate agency.

However, free services might hurt your bottom line. Calculate the costs and determine whether to charge for this service.

If you charge for a site review and refresh, some customers will opt out. In order to keep these consumers, you may need to use different methods.

A blended approach is also possible. Consider giving a free site audit but charging for the implementation of your suggestions. It’s a good approach to remain in touch with consumers without working for nothing.

4. Regularly Maintain

Every WordPress site needs regular upkeep. Running a WordPress website requires a lot of effort, whether it’s backing up your data, updating WordPress core, or screening for malware.

You may volunteer to share the load. Provide continuous support to busy website owners and enterprises.

Even better, website upkeep is continuing. If you impress a customer by maintaining their site well, you may have a long-term or even permanent relationship.

By taking on daily site management duties for a customer, you instantly become the go-to person for any related tasks. You can wind up redesigning, adding new features, installing software, or even writing content.

Always be realistic about your degree of help. It’s tempting to offer total upkeep. But this isn’t always possible. Consider your staff’s availability and your operating time zones.

However, there are tools for managing many client sites. Some applications, like ManageWP, can even automate key maintenance chores.

It’s possible to provide continual maintenance without increasing the daily workload. As a consequence, you may retain strong customer connections without adding to the employee workload.

5. Send Targeted Email Campaigns

Many businesses use email marketing to convert leads into paying customers, but it may also keep current consumers engaged.

This is according to the 2019 Adobe Email Usage Study. This is a big opportunity to create post-launch relationships with your clientele.

You already know a lot about your customers from prior work. This information may be used to segment campaigns. This segmented message generates over 100% more clicks than non-segmented methods.

According to one research, specialized marketing improves income by 760 percent. Many major email marketing solutions, like Mailchimp, offer segmentation.

Marketing to an established consumer is distinct from nurturing a prospect. Rather than spamming your loyal customers, you want to build a long-term connection.

So, design distinct messages for prospects and customers, or even contact them personally. This personal touch might assist clients to believe you really care, which is important for your post-launch checklist.

Email marketing may show you really understand your client’s wants. You may propose a service that would solve their present difficulty. Then they’ll see it as excellent customer service, not marketing.

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Conclusion: Post Launch Checklist

A new customer might be thrilling, but it’s far simpler to work with someone you already know.

If you finish a job and don’t follow up with the client, you’re almost likely wasting your time and money. Creating a post-launch checklist may raise certain concerns.

Let’s have a discussion about them down below in the comments!

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