4 Types of Money Making Articles Every Blogger Should Write 2022: (Complete Guide)

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How to monetize a blog? Sadly, many bloggers cannot confidently say “Yes!” It’s a common misconception that good bloggers generate money. But that’s rare! A plan will help you sell your work.

A website or blog can be easily monetized. They don’t have to be yours. Writing about other people’s products and services that you value pays nicely. That’s affiliate Affiliate marketing is hot.

These companies may win new customers by using bloggers like you. You win by earning a commission from website sales. Assist others by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Here is how to write blog posts that make money by promoting your favorite products. Here are four article ideas.

Money Making Articles Every Blogger Should Write 2022:

Here are four article ideas:

Money-Making Articles Every Blogger Should Write

1. Resource List

Making a list of your favorite resources is a great place to start when writing for profit. Resources tab in main website navigation is common among professional bloggers.

Because people seek suggestions from their favorite blogs. A well-written reference list is likely to be checked first. What software do writers use to compose, edit, design, organize, and promote their work?

Which kitchen ninja tools do you use? Having a resource list on your site may provide passive income. They can easily find credible advice.

2. Cheapest

Everyone likes a deal. Every month, people use over 1,073,568 unique keyword combinations to look for the cheapest things in various categories. The cheapest things in a specialty may do well in search.

Increasing website traffic and time spent may boost clickability. Less is more for the “cheap” items. Focus on products that accomplish the job well but are affordable. Write articles about hot deals to earn affiliate commissions.

3. Reviews

Reviews are another wonderful way to monetize your website. Google reviews are widely desired. So why not? And reviewers are often ready to buy, making them a warmer lead.

They’re looking for information and receipts. Assume you’re considering buying Publisher Rocket. Check your credit card before you use it. Google “Publisher Rocket reviews.”

You’d buy if the top articles were all free. The blogger who recommended you may receive a commission. Reviewers can do more. That’s especially true when helping someone overcome adversity.

4. Comparing

This brings to mind the old saying “two birds one stone.” A comparative article allows you to do so. It’s like double reviewing. Only this time you can choose. They wish to buy one of the compared items.

Your comparison may sway their buying decision. And you get compensated if they buy after hitting your affiliate link. In certain cases, comparison pieces outperform product reviews.

Why? It’s about Google queries. Comparison keywords tend to be less competitive.

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Conclusion: Money Making Articles Every Blogger Should Write

Many bloggers want to make money from their blogs. A site that converts visitors into readers and customers requires time and work to build. But now you know how to use affiliate links to serve your visitors while earning money.

Always remember to research the businesses you associate with. Don’t abuse your audience’s trust! Promote only authentic, high-quality affiliate goods and services to safeguard your reputation and brand.

You can make money from your blog if you concentrate on affiliate possibilities within your industry and only promote items and services you use.

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