Mobile Sensors Working Explained! How does it work?

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Our Smartphones are equipped with a wide variety of sensors. So do you know which sensors are used when? I bring you brief details and working of these Mobile Sensors. These are the first sensors that come up with every Smartphone. 

 These sensors help in doing the task efficiently as every sensor has its working. The sensors available on smartphones make our work more accessible, convenient, and hassle-free. 

 So, get some knowledge about working of these sensors. That is, how these sensors work, what is the usage of it, and more. I have discussed some standard sensors that every Smartphone has.

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Accelerometer In Mobile Phone

This sensor tells the Smartphone how the user is holding up the phone. The Accelerometer is one of the first smartphone sensors of all the sensors that come up with the phones.

When an auto-rotate option is enabled, and simultaneously you tilt your phone in vertical or landscape direction, then your screen is automatically rotated in that particular direction.

An Accelerometer measures the linear motion of the device’s direction. It detects the change in the movement of the phone. This sensor also helps and count the number of steps while walking.

Some phone has features that if you put your phone upside down, then call will automatically disconnect or phone will go in silent mode.

Gyroscope In Phone

The Gyroscope sensor is one step ahead of the Accelerometer. It gives the exact orientation of the phone in all the three axes. That is X, Y, and Z.
Gyroscope adds additional dimensions to an Accelerometer sensor which gives accurate information.

The Gyroscope measures the angular or rotational motion of devices.

Sensors -“Accelerometer and Gyroscope ” opened a brand new world within the Smartphone gaming industry.

These sensors have a significant contribution and bring a fantastic experience while playing games on smartphones.

Mobile Sensors Working Explained! How does it work
Mobile Sensors Working Explained!

Accelerometer vs. Gyroscope

 The significant difference between these sensors is that accelerometer measures the linear and Gyroscope measures the rotational movement. So, we can say that Gyroscope is complements of the accelerometer sensor. 

Proximity Sensor

 A proximity sensor in mobile works when it is held near some object. It plays a crucial role during phone calls when we bring the phone near to our ear the phone’s light goes off, which prevents unnecessary touch and save the battery power. 

The Hardware behind this sensor depends on infrared technology which detects the object nearby the sensor.

Ambient Light Sensor In Smartphones

The ambient light sensor in mobile automatically adjusts the phone’s display brightness according to the light available to the phone.

If someone uses a phone in a dark room, then it’s intensity will automatically decrease, which reduce the strain on our eyes. 

 In case if you are using a phone in the daytime, means in direct sunlight, so ambient light sensor increases the phone display intensity, and you will feel much convenient while using the phone.

When this sensor is not available in your Mobile Phone , then you have to manually increase or decrease the brightness according to the availability of light.

Fingerprint Sensor

Also known as a fingerprint scanner. We all are familiar with this sensor. Fingerprint scanner brings an additional layer of security to our smartphones

A fingerprint sensor is one of the essential features of the latest smartphones. This sensor is being given on the front, back, or display of the phone.


These are very essentials sensors that are available in all smartphones. These are the essential sensors you should know.

There are some more sensors which come up with some high-end smartphones. The technology of smartphones industry is growing day by day and sensors plays a significant role in that.

Write down a comment below if you have any queries or if you know to share something about any other sensor.

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