MasterClass 1 Day Free Trial 2023: Should You Buy It? (Honest Review)

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Ease Of Use


  • New classes added every month.
  • Get 100+ classes across 9 categories.
  • You can download and watch offline
  • PDF workbooks for every class
  • You can watch on desktop, phone, or TV
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Taught by world-class professionals


  • Limited teachers for some courses
  • Price is a bit high

Verdict: MasterClass is my #1 recommendation for learning any skill online, they have the best trainers to teach you skills related to food, sports, dancing, sports and many more.


In this article, we’ll talk about Masterclass,  which is the leading online education platform, and know if there are any Masterclass free trials, discounts, coupons, or offers.

Gone are those days when we had to join an offline course if we wanted to learn something new.

Bottom Line Upfront:

MasterClass is my #1 recommendation for learning any skill online, they have the best trainers to teach you skills related to food, sports, dancing, sports and many more.

masterclass overview

I personally have gone through lot of MasterClass courses and I have learned alot from the all top notch authors they have. I highly recommend MasterClass as my #1 resource of learning.

Get Masterclass FREE Trial Now

But in today’s time, there are quite a lot of platforms out there to learn new skills, and one such website is the Masterclass. In this article, I will share all the insights about how it works and if it is worth it or not.

The best part of the MasterClass is that it allows you to learn from famous personalities like Gordon Ramsay, Malcolm Gladwell, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and so on.

However, the question is, is MasterClass worth it?

 MasterClass free trial one on one

If you compare the website’s content to other learning communities, you will not find many courses. But what makes this platform stand apart from other platforms available out there?    

Well, to answer this question, I am going to share a MasterClass Review and talk about if it is worth it or not. Before that, check how you can get a Masterclass free trial:

My Personal opinion on MasterClass Free Trial

I think that the MasterClass platform is incredibly innovative and offers something truly unique in terms of online education. I love the idea of being able to learn from some of the world’s top experts in their fields, and I believe that the quality of the content is really unparalleled.

The masterClass is a great way to get access to quality education. The platform guarantees that the data you get comes from the most credible and up-to-date sources possible, and the caliber of MasterClass’s curriculum is a major selling point. I highly recommend it!

In addition, MasterClass always uses the most up-to-date and credible sources possible, which I think is really important. Overall, I think that MasterClass is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn more about a particular topic or field.

MasterClass Free Trial Offer – Terms and Conditions

MasterClass offers 1 day Free Trial which is made available by Yanka Industries, Inc. dba MasterClass.

In this free trial offer, MasterClass gives you access to their All-Access Pass for 1 day starting from when you put your account details and payment method, also your payment method will be verified by Masterclass.

Availability Of Masterclass Free Trial

MasterClass Review: All-Access Pass

masterclass all access pass

Well, if you are planning to join Masterclass classes, then two options are available for you. These options are the individual pass and the MasterClass all-access pass.

The most common question that is there in everyone’s mind is which one to go with.

While the Masterclass individual pass does not cost you much, the MasterClass all-access-pass price might not be suitable for your pocket. But I think it is worth it. Why?

Because the MasterClass all-access pass costs you $15 a month and you will need to bill for a year, the price would be around $180.

But on the other hand, if you want to select only one course, then the price is $90.

Considering the price, the Masterclass all-access plan will allow you to access all the courses without any restrictions or limitations. But with the individual pass, you will get stuck with one course only. 

So to figure out what option will suit you the most, ask yourself, what are the things you would want to learn? If there are more than three things you are interested to learn, then it is worth going for the All-Access Pass.

But if you are particularly drawn to one particular instructor, then you can go with the individual classes like Chris Hadfield, David Rogier, Helen Mirren, Dan Brown, etc.

Who is MasterClass for?


MasterClass videos are for everyone interested in learning something new and exciting. The platform mostly offers classes for writers, musicians, journalists, photographers, athletes, and so on.

In case you are interested in these fields, then the Master class is for you.

Along with that, the platform also covers a lot of other subjects. Plus, the best part is that they are growing their course library by covering a plethora of topics.

So there is a high chance that you will find something new and interesting to learn on this website.  

Some of my favorite courses in the Masterclass are space exploration, scientific thinking, and communications, Business Leadership, campaign strategy, messaging, and so on so forth.

But who is MasterClass really for?

Well, in short, in this Masterclass review I can say that MasterClass suits the best who are in the creative field and are looking for inspiration from the world’s most successful people.

While there are many other platforms available out there, that can help you with practical skills like in the areas of business or digital marketing. You cannot find these courses on MasterClass.

As their target audience is creative people.

And over here, you will find a wide range of premium quality video content, inspiring you to think differently about the creative arts.

This is what makes this website different from any other websites available out there.

Overall, if you are someone who belongs to these below-mentioned professions or wants to have a career in these professions. Then MasterClass is a great option for you. 

  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Painters
  • Graphics designers
  • Directors

However, if you are someone who thrives in pressurized classroom environments, then MasterClass videos are not for you.

But if you are someone who can learn things by themselves and want to have the freedom of learning at their own pace, then I don’t think you will find any better option than MasterClass.

What Is The MasterClass Community Like?


There is also a community called The Hub created by MasterClass. And trust me, it is a great community where you will be able to meet each other and interact with each class.

The community is a forum with topics. The best part is that on this forum, each topic can be tagged with an instructor’s name.

It is a place where you can engage in discussions and questions about a class with other fellow students. You can also post some of your work, get feedback, and solve your queries.

Additionally, MasterClass has a concept called office hours. In this section, the students will be able to ask their teachers questions and can get answers to those questions.

So yes, it’s a great way to connect with teachers like Chris Hadfield and Dan Brown.

Over the years, the Master class has improved its community hub a lot and has introduced many features. However, it is still not too effective or helpful in many cases.

And you might not get any help from the hub at all.

MasterClass Instructors: What Makes Them Different?


One of the best things that makes MasterClass awesome is the MasterClass instructors. They have quality instructors, and every single instructor is quite amazing and offers you lessons in the best way possible.

The goal of the MasterClass Founder is to always bring together the best in the world to teach and share their knowledge at an affordable price point. And with the MasterClass, the founder has successfully done so.

Apart from the normal instructors, the platform also has popular faces as instructors.

As a result, you will find Dustin Hoffman teaching acting, James Patterson teaching writing, Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting, Christina Aguilera teaching singing, and so on.

There is a course where Usher is teaching performances Serena Williams teaches tennis and Steve Martin teaches comedy.

While it is pretty hard to imagine how the MasterClass founders have managed to convince such people to their courses, however, according to a report, these celebrity faces have accepted a $100,000 payment in advance for each course they deliver.

Along with that, they are taking 30 percent of the revenue their classes generate.

All of these things might seem way too expensive, but Rogier said that for the instructors, it was a way to give back. If it was for money, there were tons of other options available.

Moreover, he also mentions that all of the instructors have worked hard to come up with this great course.

And as a student, you can only expect quality teachings. Thus it proves that the Master class has the quality of instructors who are significantly determined by the course they are providing.

How Does MaterClass Work?

Each of the MasterClass courses typically contains 25 video lessons. And each of the video lessons is usually about 5 to 10 minutes long.

In some classes, you will find instructors directly talking to the camera.

On other days you will find instructors working with their student’s efforts in front of the camera. Some video lessons also include extracts from the teachers’ works such as Chris Hadfield.

With MasterClass online, you are free to take the subscription whenever you want and watch a course using your computer or phone through the Masterclass app.

Along with that, MasterClass also comes with background material, downloadable worksheets, and reading lists, which helps the students in a better way.

There is a class workbook, which summarises the key points in each video. It helps you with additional reading materials and provides space to write notes.

However, there is no membership for lifetime access. But MasterClass does allow you to access the workbooks for each course you have taken.

Best MasterClass Courses In 2023

James Suckling Masterclass

JamesSuckling masterclass free trial

As you already know, James Suckling is considered one of the most powerful wine critics in the world. And he has tested more than 200,00 wines over 40 years in his career. And in his MasterClass, you will get to learn how to taste wine perfectly.

He will take you through the legendary journey of Tuscan vineyards and will teach you to explore the stories and the hidden characters behind each bottle.

In this course, you will not just learn how to make wine but how to enjoy wine.

You will get to learn about different techniques like tasting techniques, conducting a blind test, the main factors influencing the vineyard, and much more. There are also a bunch of other factors that make his Masterclass amazing for any gourmet lover.

Moreover, James Suckling’s Masterclass contains a total of 11 lessons of wine videos on different topics.

Such as Influence winemaking with testing techniques, conservation, Discerning Flavors and Aroma, Storing and Curating, and so on.

Overall, if you are looking ahead to improve your wine appreciation skills, then this MasterClass is something you need to check out.

Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

gordan ramsay masterclass free trial

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most celebrity chefs available out there.

And if you wish to learn the techniques that the chef uses himself, then the Gordon Ramsay Masterclass is a great way to start.

His MasterClass contains 20 lessons, and all of the lessons are aimed at teaching you the basics of cooking. Like how you can create an effective kitchen layout, the best cooking tools that you can use, a few depth lessons, and how to master different types of ingredients.

Each of the lessons is about 25 minutes long. And each lesson comes with a workbook.

These workbooks contain key insights about each lesson Aas well as you will find assignments that will take your learning to the next level.

As far as the quality of the course is considered, it is top-notch.

The lessons are pretty amazing to watch. And it pretty much feels like watching Netflix. All of the lessons were detailed, and you are going to learn something new from the course.

So if you are planning to learn some of the best cooking skills, then having a look at the  MasterClass Review: Gordon Ramsay would be a great idea.

Gordon Ramsay Teaching Right Way To Cook Fast Food

deadmau5 MasterClass

deadmau5 masterclass free trial

If you are interested in becoming an electronic music producer, then the deadmau5 MasterClass is one of the best MasterClass courses that you can check out.

In this course, you will be able to learn from Hans Zimmer, aka deadmau5.

If you do not know about him, then deadmau5 is a Canadian electronic dance music producer and a DJ. He is considered one of the most well-known music producers in current times.

The  MasterClass has a lot of personalities; it is snarky, funny, and something that you should not take too seriously. And if you love deadmau5, then you are already in love with the course.

The course will help you to learn the technicalities of music production and how you can learn to develop your chord structure.

deadmau5 will teach you the basics of his approach to gaining structure, EQing, and limiting. The whole course covers a lot of other music production techniques.

The course also will take you deep inside his creative process, and it is pretty consistent.

Overall, if you are looking ahead to making a career in music production, then deadmau5 MasterClass is something that you should check out.

Neil Gaiman Masterclass

neil gaiman teaching writing novel

If you are interested in writing a novel or in becoming a storyteller, then you can check out the Neil Gaiman Masterclass.

In this particular course, you will find more than nineteen videos totaling approximately five hours and numerous workbooks with tips and homework assignments in PDF format. The course is all about Gaiman telling stories about his own writing experiences.

He also demonstrated his favorite kind of teaching, and he showed how to get done with things from start to end.

Moreover, each of the course lessons is shot beautifully in HD quality and comes with visual backgrounds. 

Along with that, the course also covers different topics like Sources of Inspiration, Finding Your Voice, Developing the Story, Short Fiction, Dialogue and Character, Humour, Genre, Comics, Dealing with Writer’s Block, Editing, and so on. 

Furthermore, just to make sure that you are getting something back from the course, most of the lessons come with homework exercises, and they are pretty helpful. 

Overall, Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass talks about different topics, and it comes with a lot of downloadable content.

This will help you to become a great writer over time, and you will have enough knowledge to publish your first book.

Malcolm Gladwell Masterclass

malcolm gladwell masterclass free trial

If you are interested in writing, then Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass is a great way to start. Anyone who knows Malcolm Gladwell knows that he is a great performer. He is always interested in learning and has plenty of knowledge to share.

By taking his knowledge, you can become a better writer.

At the beginning of the course, he mentions that he is honest and has never done anything like this before. He says that it is a chance for him to reflect on his career.

His course is not just about writing, as he also focuses on a variety of topics.

His course includes topics like Structuring Narrative: The Imperfect Puzzle, Holding Readers: Tools for Engagement, Holding Readers: Controlling Information, selecting a story, Structuring Language, and so on. The whole course has 24 lessons and is filled with knowledge and Information.

So if you want to become a writer, go ahead and check this course out. 

How much Does MasterClass cost?

As mentioned earlier in this Masterclass review, there are two types of pricing that we get to see on MasterClass. You can either get a single course or get the Masterclass all-pass. 

If you are planning to get only one course, then it will cost you $90, and it comes with 30 days of a money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the course, you can ask for a refund.

If there are a bunch of courses you would want to check out, then you can use the MasterClass All-Access Pass.

This plan will cost you $180 per year or $15 each month. However, you will need to bill it annually.

Plus, the best part of the MasterClass All-Access Pass is that you are free to access all courses without any limitations. 

However, you should also know that not all of the MasterClass classes are relevant to you. So you might end up paying extra. Hence, you better choose a plan carefully.

In case you are wondering if there is any MasterClass trial period available or not?

Well, the sad news is that MasterClass used to offer a trial period until August 20th, 2018. However, it is no longer available. So the best option for you is the MasterClass All-Access Pass.

Is MasterClass Worth It?

In this Masterclass review, you know for the last couple of years, I have used MasterClass and have checked out different courses, and to me, it was a great experience.

The best thing that I liked about MasterClass is that each of the courses is different from one another.

Some courses give you a step-by-step guide while some courses give you tips. Also, there is a course that gives you strategies to become better at the profession you are pursuing.

The course is pretty enjoyable and easy to understand, and you will get a detailed amount of information. It was like you have entered into a class without knowing what it is all about, and when you get out of the course, your mind is filled with knowledge and information.

Moreover, to help you understand a course in a better way, there is downloadable content too. Be it exercise, homework, or some digital downloads. It made sure that I was not just feeding information to my brain, but I was making sure that I am learning. 

However, not all of the courses are top-notch ones.

There were certain courses that I wish had more content.

Like step by step, guide into the process and not theoretical information. Also, some of the courses are not too long. A few courses were about 5 to 6 hours only. 

But overall, the platform is a great one. It allows you to learn from people who are pros at their job.

And it is always fascinating to know the insights that a famous person already went through and how we can follow the same process as them.

Hence, I would say yes, MasterClass is a worthy investment that you can make. However, I would not suggest you go with an individual plan, as it only gives you access to one course. 

I believe that we should always learn something new, and the MasterClass all-pass will get you access to all the courses, and it is more affordable compared to the individual plan. So by making a one-time payment yearly, you can learn different things.

The platform also keeps on adding a new course now and then. So you will always find something new and interesting to learn.

MasterClass Vs. Other Online Learning Platforms

In this Masterclass review,  you must be wondering if any other websites can compete with MasterClass or not.

Then the answer is yes, there are. There are quite a lot of online platforms out there where you can always find different courses to learn.

However, the thing with MasterClass classes is that you will find courses from masters in their field.

But there are a few other platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and CreativeLive, which are also some of the top popular online education websites you could consider as an alternative to MasterClass.

To help you understand in a better way, let me just talk about these websites briefly:

MasterClass vs. Udemy

masterclass vs udemy

Whenever it comes to online course websites, Udemy is one of the top names that you will get to hear. And on this platform, you will find a course for everything.

The best part of the platform is that on this platform, anyone can come and share their courses online, which also makes the platform somewhere crowded. 

But yes, it offers you courses on a variety of topics, whether you wish to learn photography, painting, graphic designing, or some other IT courses like Data science, coding, website development, and so on.

However, the drawback of the website is that it is quite hard to find quality courses. As anyone can come and share their teachings.

But on the other hand, when it comes to MasterClass, you just know that you are going to get quality information out of the site. Udemy courses are pretty cheap, and it might make you wonder if it is worth it or a scam.

However, after checking the Masterclass review, I would suggest you check out Udemy if you do not find your kind of course topic on MasterClass. Then Udemy is a great option. Just read the reviews and ratings before purchasing a course.

The course prices range from $9 to $300. Along with that, Udemy also runs discount coupons quite often. So you might get your favorite course at a lower price.

MasterClass vs CreativeLive

If you are looking for the same alternative as the MasterClass, then CreativeLive is the closest alternative that you can try out.

This one is also an online education platform. However, unlike Udemy, the course is targeted at creative professionals.

The website mainly teaches soft skills like photography, music, and art. The good part is that there are quite a lot of free courses that are also available, and the production value of these courses is pretty amazing.

The production quality might not be as good as the MasterClass, but it was surely better than Udemy.

These courses seem more ‘practical’ than MasterClass in terms of learning concrete new skills.

CreativeLive is not meant for everyone. As if you are someone who has no interest in the creative field like art, craft, or design, then there are not too many course options available.

But if you are a creative professional looking ahead to acquire some new skills or need to learn from scratch, then CreativeLabs is a suitable option for you.

MasterClass vs. Skillshare

masterclass vs skillshare

If you are interested in real-world skills, then Skillshare is one of the best platforms available out there. It is an online community where you can master real-world skills through project-based classes.

The best part of the platform is that it does not cost you way too much.

By spending $10 a month, you will be able to access hundreds of online classes taught by experts in creativity, design, technology, and business.

Moreover, each of the classes is broken into convenient, bite-sized lessons and features a hands-on project to put newly learned skills into action.

However, what makes these platforms differ from each other is that MasterClass has courses from industry-leading people.

On the other hand, on Skillshare, the experts are not too famous, and they put up their courses by themselves only. 

But Skillshare does come with quite a lot of amazing features. Like you will find plenty of free classes and group classes. Along with that, it offers you high-quality learning materials and courses.

Overall, if you compare the price of both of these platforms, you will find that there is not too much difference.

While the Skillshare platform allows you to opt for a monthly payment, MasterClass does not.

And if you ask me which one I would go with, I would always choose MasterClass.

As there is no huge price difference between both the platforms. Plus, I am getting to learn things from people who are industry experts.

MasterClass vs. Coursera

masterclass vs coursera

At the end of the Masterclass review, I have the Coursera, and trust me, it is one of the best online platforms available out there. The website hosts online courses from top US universities such as Yale and Princeton.

As well as you will find some courses from overseas institutions.

Through this platform, you will be able to specialize and get degrees in your interested topics.

But on the other hand, in MasterClass, there is no concept of degrees or certifications. With the help of Coursera, you can improve your knowledge drastically.

It offers you courses almost about everything like medicine, business, social science and so on. But if you are in the creative field, then the platform is not suitable for you.

What you need to know is that both Coursera and MasterClass have different types of target audience bases.

On Coursera, you will find courses mostly related to academics and education, but on MasterClass, you will find a course in creative fields.

So it is up to you what your needs are, and then you can choose a platform.

The best part of Coursera is that you can browse individual courses for free. But if you want to get a certificate of completion, the price is usually around $100.

What Makes MasterClass Online Classes Different?

Well, if it was up to me, what I think about MasterClass is that it connects you to the instructor. You will feel that the instructor is talking directly to you.

They have this one-on-one teaching method, which is pretty amazing. And there is hardly any other online course website that has this technique.

Moreover, with every single course, you are getting access to downloadable content.

This downloadable content can be your exercise, homework, or other types of content. Although, other online learning communities are also available that offer you downloadable content.

But there are only a few websites available that give you homework.

And as you already know if you wish to learn something, homework helps a lot.

Moreover, the experts are not any random person who made a course and uploaded it on the internet.

Like what most people can do on Udemy. Although, I am not saying people who do upload courses on Udemy are not that great.

But MasterClass allows you to learn from the actual professionals who know their job and are already famous in their fields.

As well as the MasterClass course is not just filled with knowledge but with inspiration too. And this is something that lacks other platforms.

When you have the knowledge and inspiration to pursue your dream, you can do incredible stuff. And this is the main logic behind the website.

The website also offers you an in-depth guide about different topics. So you just know that they are not scamming you with a celebrity face. But they are giving some of the valuable knowledge in return.

These are the things that make MasterClass different from any other learning community.

The website fills your heart with inspiration and your mind with knowledge.

Masterclass Review: Pros

1. High Production:

MasterClass has a high production value of the course. It seems like they have a team of videographers, editors, and more. The quality of the product is also extremely great and offers you an amazing experience.

2. Experts:

You will get easy access to out-of-reach instructors. Usually, getting five minutes out of the famous person’s schedule is quite a hard task as they are always busy with their work. But this platform will give you access to their teaching.

3. New Courses:

The masterClass is also adding new courses from time to time. They are working with different famous people to bring you the best course possible.

4. More Than Knowledge:

On this platform, you do not only get the knowledge to learn, but you will get to hear real stories and tips from the masters. You will even get inside information.

For example, you will get to know how top writers use humor in their writing, how they tell stories, and how they plan a history. There are also famous people teaching their own thing on this website.

For example, deadmau5 teaches how to be an electronic music producer.

5. Extremely Affordable:

The masterClass is extremely affordable. You can get an individual course for less than $100. Along with that, the yearly plan costs you about $180 only, which is slightly expensive compared to Netflix.

6. Clean User Interface:

Overall, the app comes with an easy-to-use interface. As a result, you will easily be able to get started with the website, browse your courses, and check out different settings.

As well, the MasterClass course has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Masterclass Review: Cons

1. The Course Can Vary Depending On the Instructor:

The courses can vary depending on the instructor. On the one hand, you will find Sara Blakely’s course on how to build a comprehensive course on validating a business idea and building your business with an in-depth guide.

On the other hand, there is a course by Disney CEO Bob Iger, which you can finish in about an hour.

As he is a CEO of a business, it makes sense that he has less time to create a course for you. So yes, you will get to see different types of courses and course formats depending on the instructor.

2. Some Courses Does Not Follow Any Learning Principles:

On the MasterClass, some courses do not follow any learning principle at all. You might not get what you are expecting to learn from a course.

For example, if you do take Malcolm Gladwell’s course, he mostly talked and shared about the theoretical, mindset, and investigating portion. But you will find no information related to the grammatical side of writing.

3. Too Many Courses:

As the platform offers you a wide range of courses, you might just jump from one course to another. And not get done with any of the courses at all.

However, this problem can easily be fixed by planning how you are going to consume your topics and how you plan to finish a course. But having too many courses is always a confusing thing for many people out there.

 4. No real-life usage:

There are quite a lot of people who might just end up taking a MasterClass subscription because they want to do something new. However, they might not put those learning into real life.

As a result, the whole course would be a failure for them.

5. No Certification:

While there are quite a lot of other websites that offer you certifications when you complete a course, with MasterClass, this is not the same thing.

6. No Trial:

With MasterClass, you will not be getting any trial. Although, they once used to offer a trial but no more. Hence, you will not get the chance to try out the service before purchasing MasterClass.

However, the good part is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can always go and ask for a refund.

How does Masterclass Promotion work?

Buy an annual membership directly by clicking the link below and give a free year of membership to anyone you choose, be it a parent, co-worker, friend, or neighbor.

Please note that your subscription will be active and available after purchase and the Masterclass cannot suspend/freeze memberships.

The annual subscription is automatically renewed.

Unless you cancel before the end of your current period, your payment method will be automatically billed each year at the then-valid price. As always, you or your recipient can cancel your subscription renewal at any time in your account settings.

FAQs on MasterClass


Masterclass is a privately owned, American, online teaching, and learning platform. It was founded in October 2014 by Yanka Industries, Inc. (now known as MasterClass) but came into the public domain in May of 2015. The platform offers a wide range of streaming options in the form of previously recorded video lectures from world-renowned experts in different fields like cooking, creative writing, fashion, photography, gardening, sports, and many more.


Masterclass is an “accessible by all” platform, so if you are a student, a learner, an amateur or a hobbyist, looking for an inspiring and insightful way to learn about a craft, you can go right ahead and get yourself a subscription. Unlike most of the online education platforms, Masterclass caters to artistic and ingenious creative people with the goals of understanding the philosophy of the field rather than just the “how’s”.


Masterclass has an “All-Access Pass” that costs 180 USD annually. The pass allows the enrollees to consume any classes on the platform and get the opportunity to access new video courses that are launched during your subscribed period. There was a 90 USD plan earlier, that allowed the enrollee to access a single class, but that was discontinued as of May of 2019.


The “All-Access Pass” awards the exposure to an unmatched inventory of more than 85 classes instructed by “best of the best” teachers one could ask for. The “All-Access Plan” includes features like download options, audio mode, and practice workbooks. The plan also allows the enrollee to stream the content anytime anywhere according to their personal choice, be it smartphones, laptops, computers, or TVs. The “All-Access Plan” also includes class feedback, even from your celebrity instructors.


There is an average of 20 lessons per class and the average length of each lesson is 10-25 minutes which makes up to 2-5 hours. The platform also offers “workbooks” for respective courses. The classes are curated in a way that students from any level of background knowledge can join, whether they are amateurs or advanced in their field. Necessarily, the platform does not provide career-changing technical studies (yet), however, can learn the practicalities of a craft, everyday tips and, improve on your talent and ways to apply your bookish knowledge. The instructors share their stories of successes, failures, shortcuts, and secrets so the classes feel intimate, inspirational, and insightful.


Masterclass “LIVE” is a free version of Masterclass where people can join the online live streaming of a class. Anyone from around the world can join the Masterclass Live by tuning in to the Masterclass YouTube Page. The Masterclass also offers a free trial but for a very short period of three days. It does give you the taste of the “All-Access Pass” with all available classes, workbooks, Audio mode, and much more. If you don’t cancel your subscription to the free trial before it ends, you will be automatically enrolled in the “All-Access Plan” and charged for the first year with the price displayed at the time of your sign-up. The prices may change with time. The free trial is available “only once per email-id”, so if you have had the experience of the free trial once, then you are no longer eligible.


way out. The platform has a “30-day Refund guarantee” according to which *within 30 days of the subscription, the enrollee can email them for cancellation and a full refund will be generated. However, it is notified on the website that refunds are not available for unused memberships or partially used ones. You can cancel by going to your account page’s “Settings” option and following the cues to cancel.


Masterclass Hub is an online community set-up to encourage students from around the world to connect with other students in the same courses. The Hub does not just limit connection but also promotes students to “Network” their work. Students can upload their acting demo tapes, script assignments, or, photographs and collect feedback from other students. The feedback, however, is not available from the instructors; well, to be honest, you cannot expect them to hang around all day. Most of the students also hang out and connect through Masterclass’s Facebook Page.


Masterclass videos are pre-recorded and thus are limited in their interactive nature. The videos are intellectually made that make them feel one-on-one interactions, for example, in Christina Aguilera’s class, when she changes her microphone to demonstrate how to use different microphones, the difference can be heard quite distinctly. Some classes are interactive in a way that they include home assignments and Q & As. The students can join discussions within the community and share their stories and work.


The worth of Masterclass is a debated topic. The online reviews, on one hand, suggest that the platform is one of a kind and unmatched in its inventory of teachers and instructors, which are A-list, world-renowned celebrities and, masters of their crafts. The subscription fee in comparison to other platforms still fits the range of subscription packs available, but on the other hand, worth factor comes into the picture when the “Replaying factor” of the videos.


Masterclass divides the content into nine categories, namely: Sports and Games Film and TV Music and Entertainment Design, Photography, and Fashion Culinary Arts Writing Lifestyle Science and Technology Business, Politics & Society All these categories have numerous instructors with their courses, for example, in the category of culinary arts, you can start with Wolfgang Puck’s “Cooking” and Gordon Ramsay’s “Cooking 1” to Mexican cooking from Gabriela Cámara and Italian cooking from Massimo Bottura and many others.


PCMag did a price comparison between alike, non-degree video courses out there, among which Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning and, Khan Academy was considered. According to the comparison, Khan Academy is free but is highly restricted to academics and not any other skills. A Premium Skillshare Membership (like Masterclass’s All-Access Plan) that provides access to all the content on the platform costs just 99 USD/Year for essentially everything you would want to learn. LinkedIn Learning also provides a free trial but the time is one month and after that, it is 299.88 USD/Year. Udemy is an open platform where anyone can create and sell a course, which makes the quality variable but is bargain-priced. The Masterclass subscription fee fits the range of such platforms and has the best quality content which will probably last you a year if you cover the whole catalog.


Masterclass is set-apart from its competitors with an unmatched inventory of more than 85 classes instructed by the masters of their craft, which according to the co-founder David Rogier “has not been offered before” and “the instructors are people who you would still want to take a class from in 100 years down the line”. Another characteristic that separates Masterclass from other learning options is the “production-quality” of the videos and the course structure. The company itself praises the quality of the videos to be movie-like. Every video has been made with quality lighting and audio and shot on equally quality sets. In comparison to other platforms, Masterclass does lack in the number of topics available and the technicality of the craft but it makes up with a carefully constructed course pathway and it is regularly being updated and new classes are being added almost constantly.


Masterclass is available anytime, for streaming on your personal computer, Smart TV, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and many Roku devices. Masterclass application also casts the videos using Google Chromecast.


The students can access and learn lessons on their own time and setting. The videos can be paused at any point and can be jumped back into again easily. Along with that, there is a feature to speed up or slow down the playback of your videos.


Masterclass videos are *Not available for free download outside the application. However, Inside members can download lessons in offline mode on Netflix to watch as per their perusal, but only on iOS devices. The option of downloading is not available for all the classes. There is another function that allows the students to use just an “Audio-mode”, which feels like a podcast, so if you are in your car or any other form of commute, this is a great feature but again not available for all classes.


The process of setting up a Masterclass account starts with providing your email address at the site’s/app’s “Get Started” interface or you can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account. After this step, the website/app asks for your card details to get your account up and running. Initially, you are subscribed for a 3-day free trial which gets promoted to the “All-Access Plan” if not canceled beforehand.


Masterclass promoted its “Live” version as part of its mission to provide access to quality craft to the masses. Live sessions are free of cost and are streamed on the Masterclass YouTube page. Live sessions, not unlike the website and app; include a wide range of topics from interior design, creative writing, and leadership qualities to dog training, instructed by A-listers from around the world. Students can join in the conversation with the simple hashtag #MasterClassLive on Twitter and get connected with other students. The live classes are generally an hour or so long and have live questions from the students.


Masterclass workbooks are accessible by the all-access plan only. The workbooks are downloadable PDFs that are carefully constructed to complement the lessons. The PDFs contain detailed summaries and references so the students do not have to worry about writing down notes and can expand beyond just the material provided on the website/app. Some workbooks also contain assignments to practice the knowledge acquired and they are tailor-made for every course, for example, if you are pursuing a culinary lesson the assignment might be to go to a supermarket to shop for ingredients. Or you get a list of applications to use if you are learning singing and vocal exercises to check your progress.


Masterclass usually posts a “trailer” or “sneak peek” for the available courses, which essentially introduces the “new instructor”, the idea behind the class, and the course structure. You can watch these 2-3 minute videos on their YouTube Channel or the Masterclass website. These samples enable the students to make a more informed decision on which classes to take based on what they are looking for. The Masterclass also has a “Quick Lists” feature that curates and arranges video segments that have a relative theme to the videos you watch. This list contains the most popular and best moments which are shorter than a full course video.


The class videos are *not available in other languages, however, you can apply the “CC” (closed captions) to help you for better understanding.


Each Masterclass is unique in what it offers but some of the most popular classes are listed down below: TONY HAWK- teaches skateboarding STEPHEN CURRY- teaches Basketball SERENA WILLIAMS- teaches Tennis ANNA WINTOUR- teaches Leadership and creativity GORDON RAMSAY- teaches cooking AARON FRANKLIN- teaches Texas-style BBQ NEIL deGRASSE TYSON- teaches scientific thinking MARTIN SCORSESE- teaches filmmaking KELLY WEARSTLER- teaches interior design DANIEL NEGREANU- teaches poker RON FINLEY- teaches gardening NATALIE PORTMAN- teaches acting TIMBALAND- teaches producing music and beat-making CHRI VOSS- teaches the art of negotiation ANNIE LEIBOVITZ- teaches photography RU PAUL- teaches self-expression CHRIS HADFIELD- teaches space exploration and many more.


Masterclass Instructors in culinary arts are big names enlisting Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller and Alice Waters for teaching cooking techniques. Chefs Dominique Ansel, Gabriela Cámara, Aaron Franklin, and Massimo Bottura teach you more streamlined cuisines or cooking styles like French Pastry Fundamentals, Mexican Cooking, Texas-style BBQ, and Modern Italian Cooking respectively. The art of Mixology is instructed by Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana, along with James Suckling for Wine appreciation. One of the most interesting classes is instructed by Ron Finley who teaches the art of gardening and growing your food.


Masterclass has enlisted Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson and Helen Mirren to teach acting on the platform. However, the category of “Film and TV” is not just restricted to that. There are Award-winning names including Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Werner Herzog, and David Lynch instructing Film-making, Judd Apatow, and Aaron Sorkin teaching Comedy and Screenwriting. There are independent filmmakers Spike Lee and Mira Nair also teach their craft along with Ken Burns who teaches Documentary Film-making.


The Writing Classes on Masterclass entails almost everything that comes to your mind, when you think of “Creative Writing”, starting from creating a whole book out of a salt grain of an idea, writer’s block, first drafts, and the art of storytelling through books writing different genres and even writing for TV. Great names like Neil Gaiman, Shonda Rhimes, Margaret Atwood, Dan Brown, and Judy Blume are among many more instructors.


YES. YOU CAN. Every class on Masterclass has a gift option you just have to click and follow the cues till the end. Not only that you can also gift an “All-Access Pass” to someone. During these times, this might be the perfect gift for a recently graduated student, anxious for things to come and looking for something to learn. You might inspire someone to reach their passion.


When it comes to “Sports and Games”, Masterclass does not limit itself to Basketball (taught by Stephen Curry), Tennis (Serena Williams), Skateboarding (Tony Hawk) and Fundamental Gymnastics (Simone Biles); the Masterclass goes beyond that and into the field of Professional Poker and strategy (taught by Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey respectively) and Chess taught by Garry Kasparov. There is also a unique Masterclass course about “Ballet Techniques and Artistry” taught by Misty Copeland (principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre) accounted in this category.


“Lifestyle” is one of the scarce topics on Masterclass. The category up until recently has two courses, Makeup and Beauty by Bobbi Brown and Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler, but the latest course of Dog training was added just a few days back and is taught by Brandon McMillan.


Masterclass has two photography courses online at the moment, one taught by National Geographic photographer Jimmy Chin named “Adventure Photography”, which he calls a “passion and a calling before it becomes a career” and the other one is taught by Annie Leibovitz, a world-renowned portrait photographer whose works are literal pieces of art displayed in museums, books, and magazines like Rolling Stones and Vanity Fair. These courses deal with shooting on location, shooting with a subject, shooting people close to you, portraiture, gear and lenses, composition, post-processing, editing, commercial and editorial photography, storytelling with images, research, observation, lighting, developing concept and whatnot.


Fashion design courses on Masterclass are limited to two at present, but they are taught by the greatest in the field. Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg talk about finding inspiration, sketching, fabrics, construction, and development of a product and a collection, making of a brand, research, logo and packaging, marketing, and merchandising and much more.


Masterclass’s “Music and Entertainment” category has a wide horizon. From courses on Beat making, Electric guitar, Jazz, Violin, Drumming, Country music to the latest electronic music, and its production; you will almost everything. There are courses on singing, Music for film, and Film scoring taught by Christina Aguilera, Danny Elfman, and one of the bests in the business, Hans Zimmer respectively. There is also an intriguing class about the “Art and Soul of Guitar” by Carlos Santana. These classes are not the only ones in this category; it also houses courses about the art of performing (by Usher), Comedy (Steve Martin), and art of magic (by Penn and Teller).

Why Is MasterClass So Expensive?

It is not expensive compared to other websites out there. However, it might be a perspective, and it differs from person to person. In the USA, it costs you $180 a year.

However, depending on where you live, the price may change.

Also, one more reason why it might sound like an expensive deal is that MasterClass does not allow you to opt for monthly billing. Hence, it might seem like an expensive subscription.

Also, classes like Stephen Curry Masterclass Review, Jimmy chin Masterclass review, usher Masterclass review, deadmau5 Masterclass review, spike lee Masterclass review, will wright Masterclass review, Jodie foster Masterclass review, ken burns Masterclass review, Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review and Samuel Jackson Masterclass review are some of the most premium courses available here.

How Do I Cancel Masterclass?

Yes, MasterClass does allow you to cancel your subscription. Once you have signed up for the all-access pass, you can cancel the auto-renewal at any time by going to

Over here, you have to click on the cancel button from the Subscription section of the page. Then the cancel subscription page will appear, select Continue to Cancel.

Once done, your account will no longer get billed after your current billing period ends.

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Conclusion: MasterClass Free Trial 2023

So the question must arise after reading this Masterclass review: should I pay for the MasterClass or not?

Well, if you are someone who feels that he or she lacks inspiration in their life, then MasterClass can be a great option for you. Or if you are someone who is struggling to have a career in the creative field but not sure how to get done with things.

Then MasterClass could be a great fit for you.

The thing with MasterClass is that they have a course for almost everyone, and there is always something to learn. If you are struggling with your career, then through this platform, you will be able to get valuable tips and insights on how to pursue things.

The platform also does not cost you way too much, and it comes with 30-day money-back guarantee too.

So you can always ask for a refund if the platform does not seem up to the mark.

You can follow Masterclass social media handles, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube here.

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Masterclass On Twitter

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  7. Sometimes the hardest part about learning is just deciding what to learn. Well, not with MasterClass! From cooking basics to history of modern dance Class, you can finally pick something that’s right for you. And if you know exactly what it is, there are classes on everything from basic Spanish phrases to animation skills! You don’t even have to leave your house or snap out of your Netflix binge—just sign up and watch lessons at home anytime. No more lost phones with internet connection problems—you can study which way’s north in safety thanks to offline access too.

  8. MasterClass is my #1 resource for learning online. The instructors are the best in the business and always take you through lessons with understanding to encourage better skillsets. I love how it offers courses on such a wide variety of things, like cooking, sports and even dancing! You really can’t go wrong with an investment into Masterclass as your educational resource now that they’ve got new raving reviews they’re popping up all over social media feeds now.

  9. The MasterClass has a plethora of choices available for learners who want to learn new skills. Each course teaches you the basics behind novel crafts and topics, as well as how they can be mastered. The typical courses cover a variety of skills including cooking, sports, dance, entrepreneurship and much more. Many instructors have written a bestseller book from their experiences teaching what used to only be learned from experts in the field. When you take any class at Masterclass, you’ll know that it will contain quality information presented professionally by the very person who is an expert in this discipline or industry!

  10. MasterClass is a great way to learn from the best. I highly recommend MasterClass as my number one resource of learning, because they have fantastic teachers with all types of skills that you can learn through their courses. Whether it be food, sports or anything in between– they’ve got exceptional trainers who are eager to teach!

  11. Every month, MasterClass adds new classes to your queue. And as long as you’re an active subscriber, you’ll never run out of things to learn. Besides getting downloadable PDF study guides and workbooks for every class, the app is also available on desktop, phone or any smart TV with a Chromecast or AppleTV connector.” TRY IT.

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  13. This changes everything! I have always been a sucker for taking courses and learning from the best. The site is straight forward, offering easy to understand lessons as video lectures with notes to quiz you. They also offer similar courses as other sites but these are clear and concise. And the best part is that it’s affordable-I spent more on pizza last night! I can’t stress enough how much better MasterClass is than anything else out there.

  14. “I just started my business. I have a lot to learn and be involved with.”
    “And then this MasterClass came along! It can teach me everything about SEO, social media marketing, email marketing. How could I say no?”
    “It has over 100 classes across 9 categories and you can download or watch them whenever you want.”

  15. MasterClass is your #1 go-to resource for top level content in the form of video courses to supplement your lifestyle. Get started by signing up for their beginner course on Food, taking you through all aspects like produce selection, knife skills and much more–no prior experience necessary! Season one kicked off with Gordon Ramsay teaching you the basics of cooking hamburgers, lasagna and paella. You can also take dance lessons from world renowned choreographer Joseph Ruskin or tennis lessons with champion Amanda Coetzer.

  16. MasterClass is a pricey subscription service with limited options. For this price point, you can expect to see some of the youngest teachers available from what used to be a top rated university.
    In addition to being exclusive, many of these courses are also outdated and unrelated with in-demand skills in the market today.

  17. There are so many courses to choose from that it can be daunting, but I promise you won’t regret investing in this course. You’ll learn how to make absurdly yummy food like tiramisu, sushi or pasta. Have some patience with yourself as you master the sometimes difficult skills of cooking through videos created by world-class chefs. Learn about your favorite sportsman and how he achieved greatness through animation sequences featuring both personal commentary and footage…i love the way it teaches !

  18. Welcome to the world of high-quality knowledge that will enrich your life because I believe you deserve nothing less. The classes are tough, but easy to follow–even if you have never made a cake before, they will show you step by step how to do it. You may need some patience with this one–but so does anyone who wants an expert chef lecturing them about fries and other deep fried food at 2am on a Tuesday night! These teachers really know their stuff–and they’re passionate about sharing it. From live cooking demonstrations to downloadable phone apps that teach at home without friends’ help or any questionably delicious restaurant recommendations–Masterclass has all sorts of classes for everyone looking for something new in their lives…

  19. So, I’m not very creative and maybe that’s why marketing just makes me cringe. So today when they said we were going to be marketing something I wanted to cry at the thought of having sell that awful product. But this class saved me because now even if I really think a product is terrible, with this course it can sound like the best thing out there. This has been so much fun and before we knew it we actually convinced ourselves to buy his MasterClass so yeah go figure! We’ve already watched three videos in this free trial period alone!
    So far our favorite video was on SEO for newbies! Probably because he talked about some stuff I felt pretty comfortable !

  20. MasterClass is a brilliantly creative service that I recommend to anyone interested in learning skills related to food, sports, cooking and many more. These courses are diverse with loads of topics, instructors and information available for all skill levels. They have so much to offer including tons of material from award-winning authors for prices ranging from $19-$99 per class/course – very reasonable! The fine people at MasterClass makeup up my most trusted source of online knowledge.

  21. I really like the concept of Masterclass. I can watch what experts are saying and doing right before my eyes, which is better than reading about it in books or on the computer screen. What I find most useful for me is not only seeing how they use their tools but also hearing about their thought process as they make certain decisions.
    I was able to learn a lot of new skills through video tutorials (ex- violin playing). It took a while since each step takes a long time but it feels great to know that I did something hard and learned from one of the masters themselves.

  22. MasterClass is my #1 recommendation as resources for learning new skills online. They have the best trainers teaching you skills related to cooking, sports, dancing and many more. I had gone through lot of MasterClass courses and learned a lot from author they had top class authors there with excellent knowledge in specific area we chose to learn about them. Its an great place and first stop for someone who wants to learn fast and easy on internet.

  23. MasterClass is the first site I look at when needing something new. They take professionals in their field and give them full access to your computer screen while teaching you what they do; it’s like having someone next to you guiding you. You can choose between classes that are this year or older–it depends on what you want out of it. The site has recipes, fitness tips, unboxing videos for beauty products etc., so there isn’t anything better than this.

  24. I signed up for this class, and I’m so glad that I did! The video-chats with the instructor felt like sitting down at a table with them and discussing the material.
    Are you looking for an interesting summer course? Get ready to pick your favorite thing – entrepreneurship, sales, design, yoga…in my case, photography!
    MasterClass is such amazing program where you can broaden your knowledge as well as develop yourself. You don’t need any experience because instruction is adapted to everyone’s level of understanding.

  25. I bought this because it was supposed to be a great deal and there were tons of teachers. Turns out, they’re all athletes or actors because nobody qualified actually teaches. If you want your children to learn from the best, avoid this!

  26. They currently offer courses on how to cook like a pro; dance like Beyoncé; sing like Adele; golf like Rory McIlroy; and more. They are always rolling out new classes that will be of interest anyone who wants to stand out or simply learn something new about their favorite field. As long as your phone’s charged and you have a couple hours free time each week, MasterClass has almost everything you need—it’s basically a higher education in one app!!

  27. MasterClass is a content creation company that believes in quality over quantity. Created, curated and function-driven courses from the best professionals in various fields including sports, business, music and cooking. You can find what you need to know for everything from dance craze skills to professional development with MasterShow!

  28. MasterClass is a content creation company that believes in quality over quantity. Created, curated and function-driven courses from the best professionals in various fields including sports, business, music and cooking. You can find what you need to know for everything from dance craze skills to professional development with MasterShow!

  29. You’re paying for limited access to some courses you’ll only be able to watch 24 hours before they expire. The majority of the teachers are people who have already had careers in which they taught classes, so this isn’t exactly valuable insight from successful instructors. Don’t waste your time or money on this.

  30. MasterClass is a great way to learn from the best. I highly recommend MasterClass as my number one resource of learning, because they have fantastic teachers with all types of skills that you can learn through their courses. Whether it be food, sports or anything in between– they’ve got exceptional trainers who are eager to teach!

  31. MasterClass offers a wide range of course to teach various skills. Whether you’re looking to be the next Gordon Ramsay or Michael Jordan, MasterClass has a class for you!

  32. MasterClass is a neat school where you may learn how to be in the real world. Just kidding, they’re lying about that too. This site has teachers who are only available for some courses and their pricing is pretty expensive.

  33. MasterClass is an expert-led video class with top-rated instructors that are skilled at teaching you all the basics to any skill. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, sports, or something else entirely. MasterClass has proven how easy it is to learn anything through their detailed and concise courses. If I had to recommend one of the handful of resources out there for learning any type of new subject this would be it!

  34. “The design of this app for a fixed learning experience feels a bit stale. The content itself is good, but given the price and type, it’s only average. I recommend you spend your time with other courses – there are plenty.”

  35. MasterClass has changed how people learn. The best thing about these classes is that you can be anywhere in the world and still access online courses from some of the most renowned experts without ever leaving your home!

  36. I personally have gone through lot of MasterClass courses and I have learned alot from all top notch authors they have. These lessons are designed by experts who know how to make sure you learn without feeling overwhelmed or giving up too soon. They don’t just give you written instructions with photos about their lesson but also excellent videos so that it feels more like a personal experience than reading an article on the internet all by yourself. To gain access to these great tutorials take action now!

  37. This service is the ultimate way to get skilled. They have a huge database of courses with categories like cooking, sports, music and more! MasterClass has top notch trainers so you can learn skills related to food, sports, dancing or any other topic in seconds. I think this site is worth $1000s in content.

  38. I’m always looking for new resources to learn skills related to food, sports, dancing, and more. But before I found MasterClass my favorite was learning from YouTube videos or other humans in person. MasterClass is so much better though because they have the best trainers who run through their courses flawlessly as if it were a movie. Their video backgrounds are well-lit so you can see them really well without any shaking cameras giving an amateur feeling about them which is one of the things that put me off at first with YouTube videos teaching cooking classes. Plus they give certificates of completion which means a whole batch of people just might think I went back to school even if it’s just going on “a thing” online!

  39. I’ve used a few other online learning websites before, but none of them were as good as MasterClass. They have the best video production in the world and offer all courses at one price per class which is pretty appealing for students like myself. Plus they work with some of the most famous instructors — I still think Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek are so cool!

  40. MasterClass is a unique repository of high-quality video courses from your favorite authors, available to stream anytime. I especially recommend the course with “Big Daddy” Dwayne Johnson for any aspiring movers and shakers. If you’re looking to teach yourself a new skill that will help you crush it at work or reignite your hobbies into a passion that can take up all of your free time, then MasterClass has got you covered!

  41. MasterClass is the #1 website to get instant access to formal expertise from world-class experts in any field of your choice. It’s phenomenal how they have some of the best trainers teaching courses. I myself have taken their food master class with Martha Stewart and it was so much fun! You can even learn skills through play by signing up for Minecraft mastery with Roblox mega advisor, Jerome Aceti who has trained kids on gaming at Microsoft Game Studios.

  42. I have been a frequent user of the website and I have not regret once. The lessons are many, so you can always find something new to learn. You also get access to a study guide in PDF form, which is really great in helping in my learning process. Lastly, when watching videos from instructors, it looks just as good as when Netflix does this for their original series. Highly recommended!

  43. I love MasterClass! They offer the newest and most comprehensive courses on any topic, all made with top quality instructors. Watch or listen to their easy-to-follow recipes with foodies like world renowned chef David Chang and learn how to prepare your favorite dishes at home. Whether you’re a casual exerciser interested in learning something new, a fitness junkie seeking direction from an expert trainer, or just looking for some fresh workout ideas to shake things up – they’ve got you covered.

  44. “Wow, MasterClass is an amazing app for anyone who wants to learn how to do anything! From making wine at home, to being a better photographer or travel expert, there are so many different classes. It’s easy enough for beginners but provides really engaging content even the most skilled individuals will enjoy.”
    “There are over 100 classes on topics across 9 categories that you can watch online with your phone or tablet. With PDF workbooks and playlist features it feels like I’m in my own classroom!”
    Or “Masterclass is brilliant because of its high-quality videos! Not only does each lecture come complete with scrolling transcripts but they’re accompanied by downloadable PDF’s containing supplementary material.

  45. Masterclass is a website that offers courses on over 20 subjects, such as comedy (Jerry Seinfeld), soccer (Diego Maradona) and martial arts (Ikkyu Sojun). If you need to know how to make the best pie crust, DJ like an artiste or maybe even do amazing dance moves with ease then Masterclass will tell you and show you step by step. With elite trainers and instructors at their disposal these classes are perfect for people who want to learn something new but got no time! For example, Professional Italian Cook Roberto Caporusso teaches students his personal secrets of making dishes like gnocchi all pate grey. They also offer great deals such as $88 for 12 months of access which is cheap!

  46. MasterClass is a perfect choice for someone who wants to learn how to do something new and exciting. With over 800 courses taught by the world’s greatest experts, you’re bound to find at least one topic that suits your needs. Best of all, you get lifetime access and can easily pause any course if life gets in the way or when you need more time on that icky soufflé recipe! MasterClass will be your trusted advisor in any gaps of knowledge- no matter what it is they teach, I’ll always encourage getting some classes from them!

  47. The MasterClass is an interesting one. It starts off with the pitch that they are trying to provide Netflix-level video production, which seems like a lofty goal. Also, you have all of these experts teaching classes that are geared towards lighting or painting or whatever it happens to be. The catch? You’re paying for it without any prior experience in the subject matter whatsoever! I really enjoyed their marketing pitch because it provides insight into what makes this service different from other similar services out there – namely how tailored it is to each individual who takes the class.

  48. MasterClass is an excellent resource on the internet to learn anything you want. Every MasterClass instructor has their own unique style, each with something worthwhile to teach. You can find everything here from dancing to cooking, all sorts of craft projects and sports lessons!

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    One last thing – these teachers are just wonderful people .

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