How to Increase Jio Speed – March 2021 | 4 Proven Tricks

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How to Increase Jio Speed - March 2021 | 4 Proven Tricks

How To Increase Jio Speed ? | Speed Up your Jio Net | How Can I Boost Jio 4G Net Speed? | Tips & Tricks to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed?

You must be having such queries/questions very often in your mind while browsing on the internet. Right?

Are you facing problems with your Jio Connection? Do you think that decision to shop for a Jio Sim Card has not lead you to a much better connection? Well, perhaps you’re wrong. Here in this post, we’ve given you our top hand-picked straight forward 4 Proven Tricks that you can simply follow to enjoy the most effective internet experience on your device with Increased Jio Speed.

How to Increase Jio Speed | Speed Up your Jio Net
How to Increase Jio Speed-2021 | 4 Amazing Tricks

How to Increase Jio Speed ? – March 2021

Now, we’re about to tell you ways to set APN to extend Jio Internet Speed. Follow the given steps carefully as this may/will  sure impact on your Jio internet  Speed in a positive way.

  1. In  your phone  open app menu (app drawer).
  2. Now tap  the settings options.
  3. Tap on the “Mobile Networks” option in settings .
  4. Now , for your jio sim select the Access Point Name [APN] .
  5. If you’re using dual sim phone. Then make sure that you  choose the sim slot in which you are using your  Jio Sim.
  6. Click on the three dots (menu will appear) on the highest right or left corner (this possibility might be completely different} on different phones).
  7.  Select “Set New APN” and hit Save.

Finally, a new APN setting is  going to be created, currently you have to form some changes on recently created Access point Name [APN]. We’ll now tell you the way to set up a new APN.

How To Increase Jio Speed - Using Jio APN Settings !

 Just follow the steps and do the JIO Apn Settings as same as we have given you below  in order to Increase Jio Speed.


How To Increase Jio Speed by Using Jio APN Settings

Will This APN Settings Harm My Device in anyway?

NO ! Not at all.

More Ways To Increase Jio Speed Easily – 2021

Hey, Don’t Worry, Below are a number of the other helpful strategies given that you can follow and solve your query of  How to Increase Jio Speed and we make sure that when you follow our given steps, you will get the better internet experience than before.

Video Tutorial on How to Increase Jio Speed

How to Increase Jio Speed - 5 Tips To Boost Jio 4g Internet

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[Method 1] Increase Jio Internet Speed With 4G Band Coverage

This methodology is easy but for somebody, it can be a tough part. So, in order to allow you a transparent concept what we will be doing is some changes with the settings of the 4G band in your device.

What is 4G Band ?

Quick Information About 4G Band​:

We’ll try to create it as easy as we can. The association of the Network Frequency that the service supplier offers is known as Band.

Example for better understanding : the other network providers  give 4G band forty (2300MHz) & Band five (850Mhz). and Jio is using Band three, Band 5, and Band forty to provide 4G to their customers.

How to Increase Jio Speed by Changing the 4G Band ?

How To Increase Jio Speed by Changing the 4G Band ?

  1. Open your device and dial *#*#4636#*#*
  2. Now, from the given Choices , Select the Phone Information.
  3. From the multiple Options, Select The “Set Preferred Network Type”
  4. Finally, Select LTE Only Option .

How to Increase Jio Speed With Qualcomm ?

For this method , You have to download  an application named “Shortcut Master (Lite)“.

  1. When you  install the application on your device.
  2. Open the App and then go the Menu Section after that  click on Search .
  3. In search box search for  “Engineering Mode” and  then hit  the  Search Button .
  4. Open it if found and Access to Change the  LTE Bands.

Increase Jio Net Speed With MediaTek

For this method , You have to download an application  named “MTK Engineering Mode“.

  1.  Install the application on your device.
  2. Open it and from the given sections, Select  the “MTK Settings”.
  3. A new section will now pop up on the screen  where you have to Select “Band Mode”from that.
  4. Now, if you are using a Dual SIM Phone, select the SIM slot in which you are using your Jio SIM.
  5. Then,select “LTE mode” in the settings .
  6. After That ,Select Band 40 or Band 5 as per your need.

Finally, Save changes and then Reboot your device to increase the jio internet speed by activating  the changes that you’ve done.

[Method 2] Increase Jio Internet Speed Using Internet Speed Booster and Optimizer App

Sometimes individuals like to experiment with there android phones . so they root their device. So, once you have rooted your device installing applications may sometimes crash. however this application works completely fine with both Rooted & Non-Rooted device.

What those applications do? Is that they automatically set up a number of your settings so as to serve us as higher experience

  1. For a better experience, You have to download that app on your phone.
  2. If you are a normal user, Select “Non-Root User” or “Root user” in options
  3. After That, select Enable your profile.
  4. Now, Leave it and let it do their work in the background.
  5. When app changes the settings, You will get better experience after Increase in Jio internet Speed.
  6. Downloading, Uploading & Browsing willbe now much more enhanced after Increase in Jio internet Speed.

[Method 3] How to Increase Jio Internet Speed Using VPN ?

What is VPN?

VPN refers to Virtual Private Network. It establishes your connection with internet in a secure environment via Virtual Private Network. Your data and IP address are hidden by the Virtual Tunnel.

  1. This method required some other browser (do not use your default browser ) Try any other browser .
  2. So now, try to download anything i.e. Music, Videos,Documents etc. (pause while the downloading is running)
  3. Then, Open the SNAP VPN Appliaction or VPN master Appliaction and connect to the server (i.e. India or France or Singapore)
  4. After that , resume downloading the file and you will see that the speed of Jio4G internet will be boosted under one min. So,this is an another way to Increase Jio Internet Speed easily .

[Method 4] Install F-Secure Freedom To Increase Jio Speed

  1. Open your android device and visit to google play store.
  2. Search or download F-Secure Freedom.
  3. Then install App and select  server location i.e. The Singapore server.
  4. Now surf the internet with Increased Jio Internet speed.

After following the above Four Methods to increase jio speed, Your Jio Speed must be increased with one of the Methods and if it doesn’t work for you there might be a network coverage issue in your area . To know that your internet speed is increased or not , If Yes then how much ?

Please leave a comment below !
 Follow the Steps below to check the Jio Internet Speed.

After following the above methods to Increase the Jio Internet speed. You must check your Jio internet Speed to know that it worked for you or not. However it worked for more than 90% of the people who used the above methods. So to check your Jio internet speed on your android follow the Steps below-

How to Increase Jio Speed
How to Increase Jio Speed 2021
  • You can Download an App name Speedtest by Ookla or you can open its website –   Or you can just search for “Speed Test” on your browser and then proceed further.
  •  After the first step , You have to simply Click on Go or Start Test .
  • Your Jio Internet Speed test will begin .
  • It will Let you Know the Uploading and Downloading Speed of Jio Internet.
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