How to Create a Lead Capture Landing Page in WordPress 2022: Best Step By Step Guide

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Lead capture landing pages aim to acquire vital data from visitors. When someone clicks on one of your adverts or links, they are sent to a page with an offer. The offer is meant to help you grab leads.

Learn how landing pages function and what “capturing a lead” entails. We’ll talk about the components of a WordPress lead capture page and construct one using Beaver Builder. Let’s go!

How to Create a Lead Capture Landing Page in WordPress 2022?

We’ll design a lead capture page using Beaver Builder in this part. Our plugin has several capabilities for creating landing pages rapidly.

How to Create a Lead Capture Landing Page in WordPress

Let’s start with templates!

Step 1: Pick a template or start from scratch

When using Beaver Builder to create a new page, you have two options. It has various landing page templates. They may help you expedite the design process.

A blank page may be manually customized with each Beaver Builder module. Using templates may help ease the process. Open the Beaver Builder editor and look for the Group list at the top of the screen.

Beaver Builder contains two sets of templates: landing pages and content pages. Select Landing Pages. Beaver Builder has several landing page templates.

You may easily import any of them and see how they work. We suggest trying out many landing page templates until you discover one you like.

Obviously, you’ll need to modify and add to that design. But beginning with a template saves a lot of time.

Step 2: Embedding Lead Capture Modules

In earlier parts, we addressed what should be on a lead capture page, like:

  • A contact or email form
  • A deal
  • Several CTAs
  • Testimonials (if you collect user feedback)

Your Beaver Builder landing page template may already feature most or all of these components. The kind of form you choose will depend on the data you wish to gather.

Once you’ve chosen your module, you’ll need to tailor it to your offer. Using the settings window to modify modules in the Beaver Builder editor. Each module has its own set of options.

You may also drag and drop components in the editor. You may also delete template components you won’t use.

If you’re new to Beaver Builder, learn how to add and change modules. Remember that you may customize templates by adding additional modules.

Step 3: A CTA (And Test Its Variations)

Contact and email registration forms need a strong CTA. Its copy will be based on the desired action.

“Sign Up” is a common choice for email registration forms.

Choosing the ideal CTA copy might be difficult. It’s possible that a little modification in CTA design might have a big influence on lead

A/B testing your landing page designs, including CTAs, is advised. So you’ll know which style of lead capture page your audience likes in real-world situations.

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Conclusion: How to Create a Lead Capture Landing Page in WordPress

Making a good lead capture page is difficult. You may not obtain enough leads if you don’t contain the correct components and create a convincing offer.

They apply even if the page gets a lot of traffic. Concerning Beaver Builder lead capture pages, do you have questions? Let’s discuss them in the comments!

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