Top Free And Cheap Online Quiz Makers & Test Creators 2023

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The finest quiz makers allow anybody to quickly make quizzes for websites, trivia games, and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top three low-cost and free online quiz builders and test designers. I’ll go through both required and discretionary features, such as advanced analytics and sharing options, to help you choose the ideal solution for your needs.

Online quizzes and quiz-making tools have more applications now than ever before. In the quest for more engaging media, programmers have developed a category of tools that make it easy to generate interactive tests and distribute them to a wide audience.

The benefits of quiz software are well-known by all educators.

It helps with the automated grading of quizzes as well as their construction and management. Time spent on this rather than, say, lesson preparation or grading student work, may be greatly reduced.

Also, quiz creation software often includes a variety of tools that may boost the quizzes’ efficiency and participation.

Many applications include features like the ability to incorporate music files, create quizzes with multiple-choice questions, or even timers. This means you may tailor your assessments to the specific requirements of your students, boosting the probability that they will recall the information you provide.

Top 3 Free And Cheap Online Quiz Makers

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Best Free And Cheap Online Quiz Makers 2023

1. iSpring QuizMaker

ispring quizmaker

QuizMaker is a customizable, mobile-ready quiz tool with a wonderful collection of templates for quickly and easily producing entertaining tests that allow you to pinpoint knowledge gaps in your students or staff.

Both desktop and mobile versions of it perform admirably, and it is interoperable with more than 150 learning management systems.


  • Tests with both a grade and a score are available. Creating tests and surveys is possible depending on your goals.
  • There are 14 distinct kinds of questions. You may utilize pre-made question templates for each kind of inquiry, from multiple-choice and matching to drag-and-drop and hotspot.
  • Several options for personalization. Implement varied styles and themes in addition to flexible layouts to set your content apart.
  • Effects for both moving images and sound. Annotate questions and solutions using images, mathematical formulae, and connections to other resources to keep students interested and actively involved.
  • Intimate remark Make reply messages for each inquiry.
  • Case variations. Make several paths through the course appear to students dependent on how well they did on the assessment.

License Options:

A 1-user year subscription to this quiz maker is only $370 annually.

2. ProProfs Quiz Maker


ProProfs Quiz Maker is a cloud-based quiz creation and delivery tool for online tests, examinations, and quizzes.

You may make quizzes, secure exams, and ratings of staff and students with the help of ProProfs.

Automatic grading, free test templates, and compatibility with the ProProfs learning management system are also included.

Our team appreciates the quiz maker’s intuitive interface, the flexibility of its design options, and the abundance of useful analytics and data.


  • Provides the flexibility to create a test from scratch or adapt one of several existing templates.
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating and administering online quizzes and exams a breeze.
  • Automatic grading may save time.
  • Numerous permutations and combinations are possible.
  • Superb reporting and analytics

License Options:

Free of charge, you may use ProProfs Quiz Maker to create quizzes. With the exception of reports and individual examinations, this quiz maker provides you with almost everything you need for free (all your tests will be made public by default).

Pricing starts at $3.99/month (billed yearly) for a Standard Business membership and goes up to $199/month for an Enterprise plan. Upgraded options come with extra perks like cloud storage, marketing tools, and expert assistance.

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