Fortnite vs PUBG, which is the best for you?

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Do you like to play the latest Battle Royal games like PUBG, fortnite etc? If you do, this post is for that because in this post I am gonna write about the top 2 best battle Royal games nowadays i.e. fortnite and Pubg and also which is the best one for you.

PUBG stands for players unknown battle around and it is developed by Tencent Games. You might be surprised after hearing that the Tencent game didn’t spend a single penny for promotion. Without any promotion PUBG is now such a popular game, isn’t it cool?

Fortnite vs PUBG, which is best for you?
Fortnite vs PUBG, which is best for you?

While fortnite game is published by Epic games and it is also a very popular game around the whole world.

Now, in this post, I am gonna discuss which game you should choose for gaming? Which is better? Without any time waste, let’s begin-


First, money is everything. So, if you are thinking of these two games and in your budget, fortnite is the best option for you. Because it is completely free.

Obviously you can’t buy those fancy items, emotes but you can play the whole fortnite games without spending a penny. But if you want fortnite you have to purchase it, because it is not a free game.

But, if you want to play Pubg at any cost, paly it in its official emulator i.e. Tencent Gaming Buddy. You can obviously don’t get the PC version but you can play the PUBG movie for free in your desktop by emulator.

Hardware features:

Talking about the hardware features, both games need a good as well as powerful hardware to run smoothly. But personally, I feel fortnite is less heavier than PUBG. So, to pay PUBG you need heavy hardware like powerful GPU, CPU, SSD specially mSATA SSD.

PUBG PC is a very graphics consuming the game. Since these are all battle Royal games, you need a very good system no matter whether it is a desktop or a laptop to run both games.

Fortnite vs PUBG,
Fortnite vs PUBG,

Gaming experience:

I have played both games and both are unique as well as good in their own criteria. You can’t just place any game at the top because all are best in their own criteria.
But, if you want the highly graphics-intensive game, I suggest you go with PUBG.


Talking about the graphics, both games have different graphics styles. Like PUBG offers a very hardcore, real-world like graphics but in fortnite, you get cartoonist graphics all around the game.

So, it completely depends upon you which game you choose.
If you want to play real Battle Royal with real-world effects, I think PUBG is the best option for you. But if you like Playing cartoonish games fortnite is best for you.

Other features:

Now let’s move to other features of these two games.
As you know Pubg is the favourite game in countries like India, United States etc, you might think how they make money in PUBG Mobile. Here comes the importance of skins, emotes, cloths etc. Not only that you get beautiful emotes, outfits and gun skins in PUBG.

Both games have amazing fashion items in the store. Not only that you can also purchase them with real money. Now, the fact is that fortnights skins, emotes are more attractive than PUBG. Both games also offer free cool items for you from time to time.


I think after reading this post you can imagine which game is best for you whether it is Pubg or it is fortnite. If this post help at any part in selecting a game, share it. And if you have any kind of doubt, comment below, I would love to answer them.

By – Jyotirmoy Kashyap


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