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If you are using Windows 8 devices (phones) then you might have seen no Adobe Reader in that.

Adobe Reader is software that is used to read PDF and other flashing files. What it means, can’t you read pdf files on Windows 8 mobile devices?

Not at all! You can very easily read and use pdf files on your Windows 8 device, keep reading for full details.

For some geeks, it might be like a wonder that Windows 8 mobile devices don’t come with any pdf readers but according to a report from the Pocket-Lint States, Microsoft is going to unveil a new pdf reader, especially for Windows 8 mobile devices.

This pdf reader/viewer is being developed especially for all the latest Windows 8 phones.

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PDF reader/viewer for Windows 8 Mobile devices: download details

This app is available on the official Windows Phone 8 store and can be downloaded for any Windows 8 compatible device.

With its help, you can view and read any pdf file whether downloaded from SkyDrive, by email, or from any other web source. According to the report, this pdf app is stuffed with very basic but still powerful features which any other pdf applications have.

With this app, you can very easily bookmark, jump and zoom any of the required pages incomplete pdf document/file.

But you will not be able to copy text to clipboard using this application which is surely a disappointing thing for many users.

So this app comes with these features:

  • Can decode any pdf file from any web source
  • Bookmark, Jump, and Zoom options
  • Can rotate any pdf file to left or right which can be used to increase the viewing area
  • Single page and Continuous mode options
  • Free to download
  • The light app will not cause any loading problem to the processor
  • Lots more

Windows Phone 8 Operating System is still in its initial stage however its app store is filled with about 13 thousand high featured apps.

So if you are looking for some pdf viewer for your Windows Phone 8 device then you can freely use this amazing app.

Just visit Windows 8 store and make a search for pdf viewers, you will get it there.

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