Best Speed Reading Course 2023

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Anyone’s life, knowledge, and professional chances can be influenced favorably by having the ability to read quickly. Even though most people consider reading to be a fundamental skill, few actually make the effort to master more sophisticated methods.

An online speed reading course saves time and provides opportunities for more effective learning. The best speed reading course for 2023 are listed below, each of which aims to quicken reading while improving comprehension, memory, and recall.

Best Speed Reading Course

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Best Speed Reading Course 2023

1. Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Reading is a well-known and successful company that specializes in memorizing and speed reading classes. Learners can be confident in the caliber of their online courses or in-person sessions thanks to mentions in the Wall Street Journal and All online video lessons are available to students at all times.

Online – Students can access Iris’s video-based online speed reading lessons at their own convenience and pace. The “Speed Reading Foundation Course,” “Speed Reading Mastery,” and “Advanced Comprehension and Memory Course” are three online modules that are offered.

The Foundation module is the most suitable for beginners, whereas the other ones expand on the knowledge gained in the foundational course. You can purchase each tutorial separately, but Iris also provides a discounted price for the entire catalog of their online courses.

Live Class – Live speed reading lessons are also offered and held in all significant American cities, such as New York, Boston, Washington, and Los Angeles (see city options).

Numerous places, including Toronto, London, Moscow, Singapore, and Mumbai, provide international lessons. Each live lesson that is scheduled comes with a great bonus: a one-year license for AceReader to continue honing your skills.

A series of virtual live-webinar sessions called a Bootcamp is intended to replace an in-person speed-reading class. It includes speed tests and Q&A sessions over the course of five weeks. Lessons will be taped so that you may readily access them later. Here is the schedule.

Accessibility – All browsers and operating systems are compatible with online courses. Iris provides extra apps and resources to help you improve your reading and memory. If you prefer video or in-person instruction, Iris would be the perfect course for you to master fast reading.

From $50 to $100 in price. Live courses start at $199. From $197 for Bootcamp.

2. Spreeder Speed Reading Course


With Spreeder, a sophisticated eReader and online speed reading course, you can read three times as fast and understand what you read. It now combines a potent RSVP reader with expert video lessons, potent exercises, games, drills, progress tracking, and a vocabulary builder thanks to a merger with 7-Speed-Reading.

speed reading instruction The application, created by eReflect, a well-known innovator in educational software, offers a variety of speed reading courses with the best American reading specialists. Additionally, there are exercises that were scientifically developed to combat poor reading habits, lessen eye fixations, and enhance reading comprehension.

eReader with Spreeder’s integrated RSVP Any digital reading material, papers, and eBooks can be processed quickly with an eReader. A tool like this is excellent for increasing your knowledge, getting ready for tests, or processing information rapidly. Your own content can be stored in the cloud and accessed at any location or device. There are 46 file formats supported.

Vocabulary- Building exercise Reading speed and the number of words one is familiar with and can decipher are related. The speed reading program also comes with a special vocabulary tool that has 636 lists of words selected by experts to help you improve this area. The dictionary, which offers details about a word’s context, allows users to make their own lists and add words.

Accessibility – Spreeder offers access from any device with continuous synchronization and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome platforms. Your progress is outlined in the dashboard. You can develop your deficiencies, create wise targets, and keep tabs on your overall performance. There is also a dark theme available.

Conclusion: If you want an all-in-one program with a speed eReader, professional tutorials and exercises, a vocabulary builder, tracking, and customizable learning settings, this is the greatest speed reading course. Additional VIP benefits from Spreeder include premium training in time management, productivity, and the brain. No risk policy; Spreeder is available for a free trial.

3. Rev It Up Reading Course


Abby Marks Beale, a well-known authority on reading development, created the well-liked course Rev It Up Reading. Abby established this online tutor to aid learners everywhere in raising their performance.

What it does: In just 5 hours, this time-efficient speed reading course will help you build both fundamental and advanced reading skills. This system is supported by a broad list of achievements from reputable businesses.

Favorite for Rev It Up The best readers are those who need to read quickly, such as professionals, students, and leisure readers. Since students interact with Abby directly, the class is extremely customized, which adds to its interest. Ask any queries, and you will receive a response within a day.

Highlights: Rev It Up Reading is adamant about the value of reading in the classroom. The course focuses on the individual needs of each learner, assisting them in reading more carefully, comprehending the content better, and quickly identifying key points. With the help of the 17 timed tasks offered and self-evaluation of habits assessment, students can also keep tabs on their progress.

Pricing: Available day passes for 7, 90, and 365 days. $71 for a week. 90 days for $199. includes unrestricted assistance via personal email.

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