Best Language Learning Apps 2023

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Learning a new language has several advantages, including increasing your respectability, boosting your self-assurance, and giving you more chances to make friends from other cultures.

Thankfully, you can learn the language or languages of your choice using one of the many language learning applications available. They diverge in terms of methods, ideas, and objectives.

To assist you in selecting the finest applications to learn the language of your choosing, we’ve covered 4 of the best language learning apps below, along with their features, advantages, and drawbacks.

Best Language Learning Apps

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Best Language Learning Apps 2023

1. Rosetta Stone

roseate stone

Award-winning lessons are available in 25 different languages from Rosetta Stone. There are all the languages of western Europe and Asia on the list, but there are also Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Filipino, Hindi, and Farsi.

Sadly, many otherwise favorable reviews bemoan Rosetta Stone’s high price. Despite the high cost, there are special advantages to be acquired.

Through iTalki, students can get up to 30 individualized sessions with a native speaker. Also included are 10 in-person courses with a native speaker of the target language. For Europeans to travel and speak their preferred language, even inexpensive flights and lodging are accessible.

Your pronunciation will undoubtedly improve thanks to TruAccent, Rosetta Stone’s unique speech recognition technology. If you run into trouble, you can always go back and review a course in your original tongue. You can quickly get up to speed by using thorough phrasebooks (in a few languages only).

Last but not least, a fun scavenger hunt-style task called Seek & Speak lets you use everyday items as conversation starters. Despite being expensive, Rosetta Stone is unquestionably one of the greatest language learning apps out there.

2. Memrise


Improve your knowledge of 23 of the most widely used languages in Eurasia with the help of the Memrise language learning software (see website).

You can download their app for Android or iOS in addition to using their website to learn. Memrise received the title of Best App in 2017 from both Google Play and the iStore. It is one of the most well-liked and effective language learning apps available, with more than 60 million users.

The content of Memrise is divided up into numerous smaller chunks. Memrise expertly incorporated the principles of mnemonics into the design of all the fundamental lectures to aid in the retention of new terminology. There are also seminars, though, that users have contributed.

These contents vary in their use of audio and visual media. Lessons typically begin with an English word, its translation, and the word’s most common mnemonic. You can monitor your progress by taking regular quizzes.

According to some reviews, it is extremely improbable that fluency can be attained with the flashcard and gaming strategy.

Memrise is a simple-to-use language learning tool that can help beginners build their vocabulary, which is a wonderful method to establish the groundwork for learning a new language.

3. Busuu


You can learn all 12 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish, with Busuu.

There are even options for notoriously challenging languages like Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, and Russian. Busuu asserts that spending just 22 hours with them is equivalent to receiving a full semester’s worth of language instruction.

Lessons are brief, lasting about ten minutes each, making scheduling time simple. The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), a widely accepted standard for language instruction, has been used in the design of lectures.

There are six levels in the CEFR, from total beginner to complete fluency. The first four levels, from beginner to upper-intermediate, are covered in busuu lectures.

After finishing a level, you can choose to take a test that is approved by McGraw-Hill Education, which is included in each lesson and contains a number of activities. Although you may download lessons for Android and iOS, learning online gives you the chance to speak with real native speakers.

Although there are free language learning applications available, some reviews claim that monthly Busuu subscriptions are only accessible on contracts for six, twelve, or twenty-four months.

4. Drops


Esperanto and some more rare languages like Samoan, Hawaiian, and Icelandic are among the 31 languages offered by the well-known language learning software Drops.

For mnemonic reinforcement and enhanced recall, excellent images, animations, and interactive games are used. Drops were most recently given the Best App award by Google.

According to Drops, learning a new language just takes five minutes per session. Their catchphrase is “drop by drop.” Although reviewers concur that these brief sessions will be helpful for people with hectic schedules, they also point out that this greatly inhibits learning. Practical exercises presented as games are included in each mini segment.

Because Drops doesn’t address significant issues like grammar and punctuation, it may be excellent for enhancing your vocabulary.

However, they do give you a ranking based on the levels and exams you’ve passed. You can repeatedly adjust the difficulty level, with ranks ranging from Newcomer to Conversationalist.

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