Best Data Analytics Courses Online 2023

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Data analysis is currently the most effective method for business optimization. In this article, I have shared the “Best Data Analytics Courses Online”

By analyzing raw data, firms are able to make informed judgments regarding crucial operations and unearth vital information for company survival. Thus, data analysts are among the most sought-after experts in the field of technology operations.

Due to the high demand for data analysts and the relatively small number of professionals who possess the necessary skill set, data analysts at the entry or intermediate level can command outstanding wages and benefits. This article provides an overview of the finest online data analytics courses for launching a career in this industry.

Best Data Analytics Courses Online

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Data Analytics Courses Online – Overview 

Multiple initiatives drive business processes to generate income, facilitate decision-making, or reach conclusions. In turn, these activities rely on a method of evaluating, categorizing, refining, and modeling unprocessed data collected in vast data pools.

Data analytics is the practice of analyzing unprocessed information to draw valuable conclusions. The skill set of a good data analyst consists of problem-solving abilities, a systematic and analytical disposition, and familiarity with essential programming languages such as SQL, Python, and Oracle.

The majority of these are addressed in online introductory and intermediate data analytics courses. Keep in mind that data analytics and data sciences are distinct. There is a tendency to use the terms interchangeably, yet their scopes are drastically different.

Analytics vs. Science – The objective of data analytics is to identify trends within a data set. In contrast, data scientists (see courses) focus on predictive modeling and machine learning. A data scientist determines which questions should be asked next, whereas data analysts focus on resolving existing queries.

Best Data Analytics Courses Online 2023

1. Become A Data Analyst – Udacity

become a data analyst

The Become a Data Analyst course from Udacity trains aspiring data analysts in SQL, Python, and statistics to unearth crucial insights and produce data-driven solutions. As Python and SQL are prerequisites for the course, students should have prior expertise handling Python standard libraries, notably importing Pandas and NumPy.

The nano degree enables students to hone their abilities in manipulating datasets, developing visualizations, and investigating data-driven solutions. Focus topics include data manipulation to detect weather trends, the application of inferential statistics to real-world instances, and data visualization to aid in the creation of a captivating narrative.

This intermediate-level course costs $249 a month and will help you improve your skills in inspecting, converting, and modeling complex and unstructured data. All of this is accompanied by the platform’s assistance in launching your career. With access to resume assistance, LinkedIn optimization, and Github portfolio evaluation, you are positioned for a vigorous career.

This is one of the top online data analytics courses for individuals with ambitious career goals. You will learn from the finest, receive superb support, and employment is virtually assured.

2. Data Analysis for Management – London School of Economics

data analysis for management

This 8-week online data analysis course has been approved by the London School of Economics and Political Science for managers and data analysts entrusted with making data-driven decisions to gain a competitive advantage in any business.

There are no prerequisites for this course, however, a familiarity with numbers will facilitate program completion. This course is primarily designed for leaders with a focus on the future who seek to develop their qualitative skill set in order to inform business decisions.

Beginning with a basic course on decision-making under uncertainty, you will next move on to the more advanced topics of data visualization and descriptive statistics. Next, students will study risk quantification via probability, data integrity, and statistical interference.

The last modules cover evidence-based decision-making and causal understating, followed by an in-depth examination of time series forecasting and the art of storytelling to convey insights.

You will get a solid understanding of how to interpret data and present conclusions using data analytics, visualization software, and Tableau by the course’s conclusion.

3. Data Analysis and Visualization Foundations – Coursera

data analysis and visualization

Coursera has a popular data analysis specialization recognized by IBM. A subscription to the specialization grants accesses to all of the program’s data analytics courses.

The course will begin with a moderate introduction to the principles of data analysis, such as data eco-systems, data analytic tools, and other fundamentals.

Concepts increasingly become more complex. The following courses address Excel spreadsheets for data analytics, including filtering and pivot table creation, as well as the fundamentals of using spreadsheets for data visualizations.

Coursera does not require students to have prior expertise. Both entry-level students aspiring to pursue a career in data analysis and students wishing to master Excel spreadsheets in their respective professions are eligible to apply.

Students are prepared with essential skill sets for developing and conveying data visualizations using Cognos and Excel with courses rated 4.7 or higher.

After completing a course, you can get a certificate to include on your resume, profile, or Github portfolio, thereby increasing your chances of landing an entry-level data analyst position.

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