Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer 2022: Which Is The Best Page Builder?

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Confused between Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer, which is a better page builder? The question more relatable is which one will suit your business requirements more.

Don’t worry, by the end of the article you will make your choice and find out the best page builder from Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer.

WordPress drag-and-drop page builders have changed the way user-interactive pages are made. WordPress itself has taken over more than one-third of the internet when we talk of the back and front end of websites over the internet.

The page-builder plugins in the WordPress website builder make it extremely easy to build animated and interactive pages from scratch.

These fully customizable page builders usually argue over the two best products, Beaver Builder and Visual Composer.

Beaver Builder

Check out

Visual Composer

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Pricing $99/yr $49/yr
Best for

Beaver Builder is a reliable drag and drop page builder. It provides everyone with an opportunity to create your themes by investing less time and money and giving your website a tinge of creativity.

Visual Composer tops many charts when it comes to page building through WordPress.

  • Multisite option
  • Integrations
  • User interface
  • SEO friendly
  • Custom templates
  • Email customer support
  • Appealing tutorial videos
  • Syncs with WooCommerce
  • Compatible with multisite
  • Great user interface
  • Designs can be reused
  • Multilingual webpages ready
  • Front and back-end both can be edited
  • SEO friendly templates
  • Appealing tutorial videos
  • Saving Custom templates
  • Email customer support
  • Expensive compared to others
  • Limited customization
  • No proper in-app dashboard
  • Increasing loading times of the page
Ease of Use

Because it is so easy to use and operates at such a breakneck pace, you won't find yourself in a position where you need to read a manual in order to figure out how to run it.

Extremely straightforward in its operation and blazingly quick

Value For Money

Provides Incredible value but there are page builders as well.

Affordable Pricing Options.

Customer Support

Top-notch customer support and personal

With many support channels, for most issues,

Confused about the superiority of Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer? Which one is better suited to your company’s needs is the most relevant question.

Even if Beaver is a clearly defined modern approach to pick-and-drop page construction, the former is by far the most popular. Over the last decade, both programs have seen significant evolution and are regularly updated.

beaver builder vs visual composer

We will go through each of the page builders and their specs one by one, leaving no stone unturned to figure out which will best suit your entrepreneurial efforts!

Check the following questions out to understand this blog:

  • Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer, which is a better page builder?
  • How does Beaver Builder compare to Visual Composer?
  • What are the pros and cons of Visual Composer and Beaver Builder?
  • What are the distinct features of the two-page builders?
  • What is the pricing of programs offered by Beaver Builder and Visual Composer?
  • Which page builder should you choose as per your needs two?
  • What are the modules or contents elements present in each?

Bottom Line Upfront:

Visual Composer tops many charts when it comes to page building through WordPress. Beaver Builder is a reliable drag and drop page builder. It provides everyone with an opportunity to create your themes by investing less time and money and giving your website a tinge of creativity. Try Beaver builder yourself.

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer: Overview

To begin, I’ll contrast Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer. A quick look at who they are, what services they provide, and what sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

What Is Beaver Builder?

Since its launch in 2014, this immensely popular and innovative page builder plugin has averaged a rating of 4.8 stars.

You can design beautifully crafted landing pages for your website from the front end. A special beaver Builder theme is also available to suit your page-building efforts with this plugin.

Otherwise, Beaver Builder suits any theme that you are using. It allows the use of shortcodes and integrations which seemingly align with other useful widget-based plugins.

beaver builder vs visual composer overview

All the content layouts and page-building templates are suitably compatible with the custom page types or blog pages or posts.

Page Templates feature is unique to Beaver Builder wherein you just need to drag and drop a selected template and then make the changes in the well-designed page.

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Multisite and although some features come in the paid plan, the free plan will offer you almost everything!

What Is a Visual Composer?

Visual Composer tops many charts when it comes to page building through WordPress. CodeCanyon ranks it the best-selling to date and for a change Visual Composer has its new name engraved as ‘WPBakery’ lately.

With an active member base of over 500K, this plugin allows you to build some perfect user-friendly pages in seconds, if not minutes.

It aligns itself with simply any theme and plugin, also it has special support for WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce.

beaver builder vs visual composer review

There are templates for every kind of page you want to set up. Also, it has a huge array of content layouts and design elements to break a leg in the competition.

So well, if you are looking for an option to fully customize your third-party themes in WordPress, Visual Composer might be arguably the best option.

Change your headers, footers, sidebars, flyers, or anything for that matter as quickly as Jet tears the sky!

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer: The Working

Let’s have a look at the working of both builders:

Working of Beaver Builder

A major difference is that in beaver Builder you cannot make changes to your professional-looking website from the back end but the front end is highly customizable.

In crispies, Beaver Builder is perfect for the pioneers who have never stepped foot in the vast world of coding.

Its praiseworthiness shines bright when you come to know about Beaver Builder’s extensive content page template arrays and also about how it can smoothly integrate with all the themes lying in the WordPress directory!

wordpress templates

Well after you design your home page, a normal UI/UX guy never wants to wash his hands again in the boring designing of service, contact, or about us page. Not to worry! Beaver’s got your back! 

Beaver Builder offers you not less than 14 free templates to use as your home page and many others to be worked out with the other landing pages that you find boring.

Just download the plugin on your website’s backend, activate it, and see your pages going ‘picturesque’ in no time.

With a similar dashboard as WordPress offers, you are sure to forget that you are into a third-party plugin while using Beaver Builder. it has nicely covered you up with two tabs of ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ elements in the free version.

A brief of what you get here is”

  1. Changeable text, images, and videos
  2. Call to action and sliders
  3. Testimonials, Tabs, and headings
  4. Pricing tables and audio inputs 

Working with Visual Composer

Some startup enthusiasts are wonder-struck terrified of having a nicely planned business idea but not having the necessary coding skills to build up an app or a website.

Cool it off brother, you don’t need to be a coding geek to perform what is yet very simple with Visual Composer.

We live in a world where automation is taking up more of the human doable tasks. We, as humans are creating software that can help our website look more and more classy with mobile responsiveness in minutes.

Visual Composer was the very start of that era which began with the development of WordPress and still stays on the wishlists of many beginners. 

Working of Visual Composer

It offers you things I believe no other page builder would, especially if you quote for free. It is uniquely designed to give you an opening door towards the back end of your website.

This feature would hit that one hard he who knows how to code front-end and wants all the more customizable end. And if you are not that guy, don’t worry.

Beaver Builders have you covered again. It is going to provide you with over fifty free content elements just waiting in that array to be picked up and moved to a row and column simple arrangement.

This shall give you the look for the website that you have craved. Lazy enough all ready to start building your website from scratch?

It is here to offer you 60+ free templates on ‘Contact Us, ‘Services’, or even the FAQ page for that matter.

What you need to do is just go on to the template and fit in your content texts, and images the way you want, and Voila! Your webpage is ready in minutes!

Features of Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer- features

How does the Building Structure Go?

  • Beaver Builder:

Well if you have had some simple yet enlightening experiences with landing page builder before, with WordPress, you would know that there are basically just two strategies.

Beaver Builder offers you three! One is that you start with a page template where all the content elements are already in place.

Well in this first approach, it is very obvious indeed that you can customize the placement of your ‘elements’ like images, texts, heading, etc.

You can even set the margin, and padding, move rows and columns using the drag handles and also change the content element type. This approach is extended by almost all page builders including Visual Composer.

The second approach is what we all pick up. Taking up with a blank slate and dropping the content modules required in place one by one and designing further.

What Beaver Builder offers is a third approach of first laying down the iron pipes for the building. The ones which will support us while building.

In this approach, Beaver Builder gives you the option to drop rows and columns wherever necessary to fix the layout in which you want your content modules to be.

Once the Layout is up, you can start dropping content onto it. Columns will automatically be responsive according to the screen size you and the user would be working with. 

  • Visual Composer:

It gives you all the approaches barring the last one which is special to Beaver Builder along with it offering header, footer, and sidebar style for targetted pages as well.

It asks you whether on the page that you are making, you want all these imported from the website theme or you want them customized.

Pick customization and see the innovation in all your pages differently. It offers you content grid layouts to choose from and then space them your way.

After doing that, you need to put the content modules in place, and you are done. Over ten pre-made grids have been kept waiting for you. 

Modules or Content Elements

  • Beaver Builder:

Leads the competition by offering over 35 Content Modules sub-divided into six categories. For the pre-making, you will require just one of the categories which contain all the text and media-type modules.

Other than that, under the Action Category, you would have different buttons, forms, and email subscriptions. Info Category allows you to display the infographics of your business to the user.

You separately have the post category, display, and others to help you work out arguably any happening to happen during a page-building session. Missing out on something?

A special widget category awaits you filling in all the necessary voids to be placed in the content position as widgets. Otherwise, if you still miss out on something, which I’m pretty sure you won’t, you can have separate plugins for them and use their data as shortcodes. 

  • Visual Composer:

On the contrary, when you talk of the numbers, Visual Composer sure does take a lead. It offers you hundreds of content modules to perfectly give you various options and styles for your page.

Take, for instance, Beaver Builder offers or mostly any other plugin dealing in page building that offers you just one button module.

On the other hand, Visual Composer offers you a shocking 25! By this, you’d know how much variety this plugin offers you. To organize all the elements down to one set, you are given the option to list some as your favorite ones.

You can use them multiple times in your page-building sessions and also finally save your design as a template for future use. 

Styling & Advanced Customizing options

  • Beaver Builder:

Styling options in any and every plugin hugely depend upon the content module that has been selected at that moment.

For a text, the styling option might just be about the margins, paddings, background color, font style, weight, etc.

For images, even the border-radius and box shadows might add to the menu. Diving into the advance features you can also try to build unique CSS IDs and classes for separate sections on your page and design them using custom coding in both plugins.

It also gives you options to animate your modules with duration and type fixing. 

  • Visual Composer:

It does not give you separate settings options for the module that you are onto. Rather than that, it made you another window to make changes in the settings of any element that you have selected.

In addition to that, you can change your screen sizes and make your webpage Mobile-Friendly with just some placement changes in the settings.

When working with the background settings of any module, you can change the placement of the BG to the type of layout it is in from the advanced settings offered by Visual Composer. 

Templates Offered

  • Beaver Builder:

The templates that it offers are basically subdivided into two types. Full Page Templates and Content Module Templates.

Using the prior, you can get a fully designed page at once and then add and align your content willfully. Later gives you specific content templates which you can drop in your pre-made rows and columns to fill in and add your content. 

  • Visual Composer:

Offers approximately similar options as the previous one. With a score of plugins and 100+ content templates, both the builders stand at a halted anchor in this feature comparison.

visual composer features

Albeit, in Visual Composer, the content templates are not categorized properly into sections. You can search for the niche you are looking for in a template and both builders will offer you a variety of templates to choose from.

More Key Features Compared

  • The theme that belongs to them: Both of the plugins have a separate theme in the array of themes to be chosen from and it perfectly syncs with them while page building. If using WooCommerce though, Beaver Builder adds more options for the styling of the products you list which the other doesn’t. 
  • Changing the Header, footer, and sidebar is only offered by Visual Composer.
  • You can save some items for reuse that you have designed in Beaver Builder to reduce your time work. 
  • Visual Composer offers much more in the free version that it offers
  • Beaver Builder offers an interface that will keep you engaged while designing the pages

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of both builders:

Beaver Builder Pros:

  • Shows compatibility toward Multisite
  • Multilingual webpages ready 
  • Syncs with WooCommerce

Beaver Builder Cons:

  • Expensive compared to others offering similar features
  • Limited customization for the site’s content elements
  • Slow in the speed of drag and drop compared to the rest

Visual Composer Pros:

  • Front and back-end both can be edited simultaneously
  • The header, footer, and sidebars can be customized according to the page
  • SEO friendly templates
  • Appealing tutorial videos which can make you learn about all the vast features in no time
  • Email customer support with a 24-hour return back guarantee
  • Saving Custom templates

Visual Composer Cons:

  • No proper in-app dashboard
  • Fonts styles offered change sometimes depending upon the device types
  • It is shortcode-based.
  • Increasing loading times of the page

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer: How Much Does Both Builders Cost?

Let’s have a look at each builder’s pricing plans:

Beaver Builder:

Let’s have a look at the beaver builders’ pricing plan:

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer- pricing

  • Standard $99 – You get unlimited premium modules and all templates in the pro version are free to use. Site licenses are unlimited as well. 
  • Pro $199 – Additionally unlocks Beaver Builder theme and multisite capability. It opens the gates to the ultimate feature of the Beaver Builder theme and also the multisite 
  • Agency $399 – Unboxes white labeling and featuring for Multisite use

Visual Composer:

Let’s have a look at the visual composer pricing plan:

Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer- pricing plans

  • Single Website $59 – Only 1 site license is given with all the pro version elements and templates to be used. Header footer editing enabled.
  • 3 Websites $149 – Unravels 3 site licenses.
  • Developers $349 – Unboxes unlimited of the above.

FAQs On Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer

🖐Which one of the above gives more elements and templates to be used?

Visual Composer takes the race giving 100s of them and a lot of variety for all basic elements as well.

🙋‍♂️Which of them has more features in the free version?

Visual Composer offers you better free options. It has all the features that paid version of Beaver Builder offers.

😎Interface wise, which of them is better?

Without a doubt, Beaver Builder is much ahead of Visual Composer interface-wise.

🖐Are all the themes well suited with Beaver Builder?

Almost all the themes can be used with beaver builder but there are few which are comparatively more compatible and to get the most advantage from the website the themes friendly with this page builder are best suited.

👉How much does Beaver Builder cost?

The Beaver Builder Lite version is available for free while the Standard Plan starts at $99/year and the Pro plan costs $199/year. The Agency plan costs $399/year.

🤷‍♀️Which page builder is the best out of the lot?

This is an objective question. You can’t find an absolute answer to this. Some people would have certain reasons for liking a page builder and they might not overlap with your reasons for disliking it. So, there isn’t a perfect answer to this. However, a certain market study can only give you a glimpse of the scenario of people’s preferences. There are big three in the builder space – Visual Composer, Beaver, and Divi. These are not in any particular order. These are the famous ones. So go ahead and try out their demo versions to understand what you need.

👊🏻Is Beaver Builder the best content builder around?

Even if you do not have any experience creating or maintaining websites, Beaver Builder's drag-and-drop capabilities will likely enable you to generate amazing content. Additionally, Beaver Builder's interaction with the user is very intuitive. It has real front-end editing, which means that creating content pages or landing pages is similar to working with a Word document. So, we are not wrong to say that it is the truth.

⭐Beaver Builder Review (Hands-On): Is It the Best WordPress Page Builder in 2021?

Yes, it is. It functions the same as the WP theme customizer, but much better. Nothing, in terms of WordPress website creation, can bind your hands with Beaver Builder. The free edition is filled with incredible features that make it suitable for even real-world WP applications.

⁉️How to Build WordPress Sites Instantly with WP Beaver Builder?

All you have to do is start working with Beaver Builder. Start making your website using their instructions.

💯Beaver Builder Review – Is It Good Or Bad?

Despite its shortcomings, Beaver Builder remains a dependable and simple-to-use WP page builder plugin that one can use to construct incredible websites. Its clean code, developer-friendly features, consistent updates, and excellent support all combine to make it one of the finest page builders available.

😎How to Get Started with the Beaver Builder?

The content section of WordPress is distinct from the header, footer, and sidebar. The Beaver Builder plugin enables the creation of layouts according to the content area. Additionally, you may use the Beaver Themer plugin to build layouts in places beyond the content area.

🧑What Can You Use Beaver Builder For?

It is helpful for anyone with a website. It is the industry's finest drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. It enables you to quickly and simply build stunning websites and landing pages without writing a single line of code. Beaver Builder enables you to work more efficiently, not harder. For all WP Engine clients, it is the perfect WordPress page builder.

🙋‍♂️Is Beaver Builder Right For You?

It is. It is an excellent page builder with several unique quirks and features geared at experienced web developers. It has a slick UI and a respectable template collection, but it falls short when it comes to price.

⁉️Why use Beaver Builder?

It is a drag-and-drop page builder that enables you to quickly construct drag-and-drop page layouts from the front-end view of your site without touching a single line of code. It's lightweight and adaptable, with a plethora of design choices for all levels of WordPress users.

⚡ Is Beaver Builder SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is. You may certainly construct an SEO-friendly website using Beaver Builder if the other components used to make the website complement each other and are also SEO-friendly. The following is a breakdown of the main components required for SEO success.

💯Is Beaver Builder fast?

The answer is yes. It is a drag-and-drop application based on the Bootstrap framework that promises to be quick and lightweight.

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Conclusion: Beaver Builder vs Visual Composer 2022

Both these plugins offer a hefty deal in the robust website page-building software they provide. Well, if you are tight on your pockets then it is more suitable to use the premium yet affordable plans in Visual Composer.

But if you want a nice building experience with a fantabulous interface and are ready to spend, Beaver Builder is the option for you.

If you are a web developer though, I would highly recommend using Visual Composer as it gives you the option to make customizations to your website and make it more engaging for your audience.

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Verdict: Visual Composer tops many charts when it comes to page building through WordPress. Beaver Builder is a reliable drag and drop page builder. It provides everyone with an opportunity to create your themes by investing less time and money and giving your website a tinge of creativity. Try Beaver builder yourself.

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  6. I love this product (Beaver builder) because it is so easy to use! I can’t believe how much time this has saved me.
    Before, I had to do everything by hand or hire someone expensive who wanted an arm and a leg for their work. Now I just check the Beaver Builder website every now and again – which costs much less than my previous choices-to see if there are any new templates that I want to try out. It’s good too because anytime something changes on my sites, like content or links or updates, all I have to do is go back into the Beaver Builder center and make some tweaks right away without having to worry about anything else getting messed up in the process which was always an issue before.

  7. I had never ventured into the wonderful world of coding, yet I managed to put together my own page builder with Beaver Builder in no time! It’s always reassuring seeing how vast this diversity is and also its degree of flexibility. A lot more than just a drag-and-drop editor, Beaver Builder has an extensive content page template array that makes it easier for you to choose your options depending on what type or layout you want for your site. You can also smoothly integrate Beaver Builder with any theme lying around on the WordPress directory – even the free ones! Be prepared for major creativity that will give your website a tinge of originality today.

  8. Beaver Builder is a neat and user-friendly builder. It takes the hassle out of setting up new WordPress websites by giving you three! One is that all content elements are already in place. So, no need to spend time on locking down your header or think of SEO never mind making it work with your domain name. They’ve got pictures ready for uploading and some very pretty backgrounds too just waiting for you to build them into what’s going to be first and foremost on people’s minds.

    Beaver Builder nails everything we look for in a site creator: ease, flexibility, affordability–and they’ve had more than 30 years of experience doing this right. Recommended.

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  10. Beaver Builder suits any theme that I used. It also allows the use of shortcodes and integrations which is a really great feature to make your website look beautiful🤩🥇

  11. I love this site. I subscribed to Beaver Builder, and it was totally worth the payment. It has all the best templates you could ever imagine which are a wide range to cater to any customer’s preferences or needs. You don’t need to install anything because everything is automatically uploaded onto your browser whereupon you can edit your page settings by entering text, links, images, etc. The options are immense but really simple at the same time because of their straightforward interface. Lastly, it has pre-made templates with over 35 module categories divided into six sections including content modules like text and media type modules under eighteen different subheadings amongst other options that range from buttons to forms for email subscriptions!

  12. I would recommend Beaver Builder to anyone who doesn’t want to know everything about coding. The drag and drop editor is easy to use, has helpful tutorials, and looked like I had some natural talent with it because the page all came together beautifully. When you’re done, Beaver Builder makes publishing your site an absolute breeze with FTP built into the product. My only qualms are that there wasn’t a way to preview how my page was going to look anywhere other than on a live hosting account before I published it, but then again I just might be too picky about those types of things.

  13. With 5 years of development, Beaver Builder is the best tool for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Beaver Builder is easy to use, quick to set up, and best of all, economical.

    Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin that you can use to build WordPress pages faster. It’s perfect for people who want to build WordPress pages without knowing how to code.

  14. I bought this application with high hopes of finally having an easy way to manage my website. It lets you build your site in just one day. I was able to save the content that I wanted for my site and set up everything else by following the walk-throughs on their website. The templates they offer are beautiful and when you start adding your own content it is even better than when you buy a template elsewhere because they make it completely custom to what you want for your business or blog website.

    Beaver Builder is presented as an extremely user-friendly system, where designing can be done in any order like among headers, images, background color, etc., without any frustration due to not knowing which parts need more attention first.

  15. This review is from a user and not an expert, just your average user who built his webpage with Beaver Builder. I really loved this page builder because it’s so simple that anyone can use it! You just drag and drop where certain blocks need to go on the screen, click the “Save & Publish” button in the bottom right corner of the page template you were working on at any moment if you want to save what you have done so far, or click on a different theme template block if there are more than one open for any given at the time. It was very easy for me to customize my webpage how I wanted it by clicking buttons, scrolling around through rows/columns, adding text boxes, and many more.

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  17. I’ve been using Beaver Builder for a long time now and it is really different from other page builders. Other builders usually put up all their tools in one place but with Beaver Builder, you get to choose what modules you want. The customization options available greatly outshine those of its competitors who offer somewhat limited features which don’t work as well either. We also love the customer service that we always receive when we have troubles or questions about anything; they are very reliable, friendly, and never make us feel too stupid- even if we ask silly questions! We know there were some bugs at the beginning but they resolved them quickly and offered a great deal on upgrades so we could upgrade without worrying about anything else.

  18. Ever wanted to have access to all the features of a WordPress site without having to push your skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Wish wished, Beaver Builder is here. The website builder lets you nicely accommodate posts and pages together into beautiful homepages with layouts that can be tweaked until you find that perfect combination. Adding banners or scrolling images has never been easier: select the needed component from the reach menu and drag it wherever desired on the page canvas and release! For those who enjoy designing their menus as well as header graphics, Beaver Builder offers nice animated transitions between sections not only within but also outside this platform. You can explore thousands of designs through their content page template arrays compatible with any theme found in the WordPress directory.

  19. Beaver Builder is the best WordPress page builder for non-coders. Let’s face it, if you want to design a website properly, you need to at least have a notepad and basic coding skills. But with Beaver Builder, even kids can create their own website with no coder whatsoever! It supports all themes on the WordPress directory which means that your site will be absolutely different from every other imaginable site because of its unique design. If you are ever in search of an easy page builder for your WordPress website then go get one now!

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    I really recommend trying out the builder yourself if you’re not satisfied with your current site management solution. It doesn’t take long to get used to using it and then you can decide on your own which to use.

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