Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review 2023: The BBQ Wizard Worth It ??

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  • Techniques and secrets that can be used in any kitchen.
  • Learn from some of America's most respected cooking experts


  • Technical students should avoid
  • Every Class is not relevant to everyone

Verdict: Aaron Franklin promises to teach you exactly how he would train a staff member at FranklinBBQ. It’s an exciting proposition for any barbecue enthusiasts to learn from the James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of FranklinBBQ. If you're interested in cooking then this is definitely for you. Enroll in Aaron Franklin MasterClass today.


It’s April 2020, and at the time of writing this review, we’re all in Quarantine and locked down at our homes due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Now that we have got nothing too productive to do apart from the usual “Work from home” projects assigned to us by our offices, we have a lot of spare time in our hands to practice our hobbies pursue and learn something new.

My sister, for instance, is crazy about cooking and has always keenly followed MasterChef seasons to learn how to cook new amazing delicacies.

She is a big fan of veteran chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Franklin, Thomas Keller, Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor, and more.

She has experimented a lot in cooking but has always wanted to learn and master the art of cooking on Barbeque (BBQ). That’s when introduced her to the Texan BBQ expert Aaron Franklin’s masterclass, and she has since been an ideal, obedient sister to me.

You too can grab a piece of the cake and learn how to cook succulent, and extremely delicious, richly flavored meats on the barbeque, while quarantined at home from the expert himself. Check our in-depth MasterClass review here.

Every Masterclass is known for its authenticity and “To-the-point” approach to art, making it one of the best places on the internet to learn what you love from the people whom you look up to.

So, let’s dig deeper into Aaron Franklin’s masterclass and see what all a cooking fanatic can learn from him.

Bottom Line Upfront: Aaron Franklin promises to teach you exactly how he would train a staff member at FranklinBBQ.

It’s an exciting proposition for any barbecue enthusiasts to learn from the James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of FranklinBBQ.

If you’re interested in cooking then this is definitely for you. Enroll in Aaron Franklin MasterClass today.

Try Out Aaron Franklin MasterClass Now.

Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review 2023: The BBQ Wizard?? 

Aaron Franklin MatserClass Review

To be honest, I’m not very keen on cooking and am barely able to manage myself around the kitchen. So naturally, I didn’t even really know who Aaron Franklin was until I read about his Masterclass.

Before informing my sis about him, I surfed the web about him and learned how famous he is in America and is considered one of the most respectable and well-known barbeque cooking experts in the country.

Now that little sissy knows, she is all gaga overtaking his masterclass.

Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ MasterClass Overview

In the event that you are unfamiliar with MasterClass, it is a company that collaborates with well-known authorities to generate online multi-part lectures on a variety of subjects.

The whole list of instructors is both remarkable and diverse, with seminars offered by notable people such as Stephen Curry, Martin Scorsese, and Gordon Ramsay, to name just a few.

You used to be able to buy each “Masterclass” separately, but now you will need to subscribe in order to gain access to the whole course catalog.

The Masterclass is divided up into a total of sixteen segments. Each section includes a video in which Aaron instructs on a specific topic, as well as a corresponding PDF download.

The length of each video spans from five minutes to thirty-five minutes, with certain topics being broken up into many films. The section on brisket is the most extensive, consisting of five distinct subsections.

On the course description page of the MasterClass website, you will find a brief explanation of each individual lesson that you can read.

The topics covered in the class can be divided into three categories: theory, recipes for actual use, and themes of general interest.

If you have already seen his web series, the recipes will look familiar to you, but they will provide a great deal more information than before. You are provided with an in-depth explanation of how Aaron cooks the pork butt, pork ribs, steak, and of course the brisket.

There is also a substantial amount of theory encompassing meat selection, wood, fire, and smoke, as well as working with Offset smokers.

Latest Aaron Franklin MasterClass Video Review 2023: The BBQ Wizard Worth It ??

Aaron Franklin is a world-renowned chef and an expert in the art of cooking up delicacies on the BBQ grill. He is the co-owner of the well-known BBQ restaurant called Franklin Barbecue Restaurant.

The restaurant is operational every day and caters to hundreds of customers daily who queue up for hours to get in and enjoy the delicacies from his kitchen.

So, it would not be a surprise to know that people across the world who follow him, would want to learn a thing or two about barbecue cooking from the expert himself.

This particularly includes one of his favorites, the Texan way of barbecuing and grilling so many different kinds of meats.

Aaron’s Masterclass is a genuine crowd puller because he resorts to a no-nonsense approach to help you focus on nothing but the most essential aspects of BBQ cooking, so you can create some wonderful, tasty barbecued ribs, brisket, and more for your loved ones waiting at the table!

So, keeping that in mind, he was very much happy to oblige his fans by sharing his art, skills, and secrets through his very own Masterclass!

Aaron Franklin MasterClass: Fire up your own Texan BBQ!

Mastering the BBQ is all about handling the heat for the meat!

Perhaps the first and foremost thing any chef always emphasizes developing an essential skill-building a fire and maintaining it, such that it can produce clean, flavor-filled smoke.

Your meat will certainly not taste the way you want it to if you don’t exactly know how to do that. It is indeed a difficult and tricky skill to learn!

This lesson turned out to be great for my sister, since cooking on BBQ is something very different from conventional cooking, and the way Aaron teaches it, makes it look a lot more sorted.

Aaron begins the masterclass by giving valuable tips about using cooking oil and paper was quite simple, interesting, and very effective.

Your BBQ requires the right wood!

As important as an element fire is for BBQ, natural wood also plays an important role in the cooking process.

In this section, Aaron Franklin makes you understand how selecting the right kind of wood can improve the quality of your BBQ dish.

He clearly emphasizes key parameters like the wood you use in your cooking must have some moisture in it. Choosing the right variety of trees is also equally important.

This is because different types of wood create different amounts of heat and smoke when burnt which affects the flavor of your dish.

Using the best quality wood allows you to create the right kind of smoke that can gently flavor your food!

Aaron has curated his own workbook for his Masterclass that has a section solely focusing on wood selection, which has in-depth information.

The workbook can easily help you buy the right wood for your BBQ, nicely laying down the necessary dos and don’ts of selecting the wood. Aaron even gives you suggestions on where you can find the ideal type of wood you need for barbecuing.

Time to control your fire!

As mentioned during the introduction of this review, Aaron Franklin has a no-nonsense approach towards his art and prefers not to complicate things.

He is in-depth and to-the-point about the things as he quickly explains the meaning of the different kinds of smells and smoke colors.

This kind of precise knowledge certainly helped my sister learn how to identify the issues and take fix them correctly.

Another important aspect he touches upon is how you can also cook in unsuitable or imperfect weather conditions.

This involves being able to control the flow of air, flame height, temperatures, and more.

Selecting and trimming the right meat?

Whenever you think “BBQ”, you instantly think “Meat”. Nicely charred, smoking hot meat! But to have that picture-perfect meat for your BBQ involves first selecting the right meat.

In this section, Aaron shows here how to buy beef of good quality essential for your BBQ.

He also emphasizes the fact that a lot of the techniques and principles demonstrated in this video are easily applicable to almost every kind of meat you can possibly cook on the grill!

Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review - Meat

If you are not down with that, there is still his workbook, where he shares more detail, explaining each and every USDA quality standards and where each joint comes from.

In this section, Aaron further explains how the flavor of the meat can be affected depending on how the different animals have been raised.

Most of you probably didn’t even know that it is a good option to asking your butcher to leave the bone in whenever you are purchasing a pork butt, which I didn’t even know, is actually a shoulder joint.

The course is full of interesting tips and guidelines!

Aaron Franklin MasterClass: Organize yourself before the game!

Cooking the good BBQ is a tricky and sometimes tedious art that takes time to cook.

So, you need to make sure that your guests are not left hungry for too long. This requires you to be pretty well-organized to pull it off.

When it comes to being well-organized, Aaron Franklin works out on what one needs to do when well in advance. The master-chef has everything well sorted and ready before he even starts cooking.

He tells us how keeping things organized allows him to be sure that nothing gets missed. What’s more important is that he is always able to go back and work out if something goes wrong, so he can easily identify where or what the problem was.

This allows him to easily tweak his process the next time he tries to cook the same dish.

Furthermore, Aaron Franklin also goes a step further in explaining how when deciding how long it should be cooked, the toughness of the meat and how you should serve it, need to be factored in.

Learn to cook these classic Texan barbecue dishes!

If you are wondering that Aaron’s Masterclass only involves giving general guidelines and steps on cooking some conventional BBQ dishes, then you are completely mistaken.

During this course, you will also learn how you can cook numerous classic and yummy Texan barbecue joints from the Guru himself. Some of these dishes include:

Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review - Meat Dishes

How to

  • Smoke a pork butt?
  • Cook the perfect pork ribs?
  • Cook a Texan barbecue brisket?
  • Create the perfect sauce for ribs?
  • Grill steak and broccolini

It will be interesting for you to also note how Aaron has crafted the entire cooking process in a way that you can easily cook other cuts or meats using the techniques and flavors used for these recipes.

Aaron Franklin MasterClass — The “in-depth” cooking process!

I and my sister checked out many video lessons from Aaron’s Masterclass, amongst which, the video on “Smoke: Pork Butt” seemed the most interesting one.

In this lesson, Aaron explains how you can and should monitor the cooking process and assess things while you progress.

MasterClass- Aaron Franklin

This includes simple yet key things like how the meat should look, and how it should smell as you progress through each stage of cooking. This allows you to be assured whether things are going as planned or not.

When the cooking is done, he demonstrates this cool “toothpick trick” to assess the hardness of the cooked meat and it is ready to rest and serve.

Each cooking recipe shown in the lesson, Aaron explains the following:

  • Trimming and shaping the joint for cooking
  • Seasoning your meat
  • Infusing the ideal flavor
  • Assessing the cooking as you progress
  • When and how to spritz
  • When and how to wrap a barbecue joint

After seeing all this, I was pretty convinced that you will quickly be able to work out how to cook almost any kind of meat or cut it by the time you finish watching all of the videos.

Slicing/pulling the cooked meat!

Cooking a Texan barbecue may seem fun and quite exotic, but the joints you use to create one are sometimes expensive.

If you are into spending a good amount of money with an aim to cook one of the best BBQ dishes of your life for your loved ones, you will definitely want to bring the most out of what you are planning to cook.

Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review - Cooking Meat

Like I said earlier, I don’t really know too much about cooking, but my sister was really enticed to see how Aaron covered every neat detail on how to carve, slice, and pull barbecued meats including how you can cater to all tastes by creating a perfect mix of lean and fattier cuts.

If you’re not attracted by just that, he takes things a step further by showing you how to evenly spread out the flavorsome bark across the dishes you are creating, so you are able to add the same heavenly flavors for people to relish.

The right equipment to cook!

Whoever said that cooking on BBQ requires expensive equipment, just lock them in jail!

The master cook Aaron Franklin himself uses all the regular stuff like a standard and conventional bread knife to cut up his brisket.

He is completely against pushing his students towards buying expensive equipment because that’s simply not needed. Bringing heavenly taste to dishes doesn’t need to be expensive all the time.

Aaron urges you to have a down-to-earth approach towards cooking exotic Texan barbecuing, allowing you to mentally and physically learn and enjoy this art of cooking.

Buying the ideal Texan BBQ smoker!

My sister has read a hell lot about smoke cooking since she saw it for the first time on MasterChef – Australia!

So, she totally loved this section, as Aaron explains numerous key aspects of the different types of smokers and barbeques that would be helpful for you.

Tidy things like stick burners, different smokers that run on charcoal, gas, electric, and pellets as well as kettle grills are all a key part of this section. Aaron himself used a wood-powered smoker while demonstrating the techniques.

Buying a good and reliable wood smoker is an art and Aaron shows you exactly what to look for when you buy a wood smoker through an entire dedicated video.

When it comes to offsetting cookers, he has a custom-made one built specifically as per his own needs, as he explains to you what to consider when buying one. Furthermore, you will also learn how you can also upgrade the cooker you already own!

Aaron brings you some bonuses!

I might have made it pretty clear by now that you get access to many little extras here and there throughout the course.

The most important and useful bonus being the workbook feature which works as an add-on piece of extra information to some of the things shown in the videos with this course.

There some nice in-depth detail about how to plan out many different aspects of your BBQ cookout.


The Workbook helps layout everything very clearly making it easier for you to print out a few and practice the relevant sections.

This feature particularly comes in handy when it becomes hard to find the exact video containing the information you are looking for.

Making the most of all this!

Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass also shows the office timings during which you can put all of your doubts and queries regarding Texan barbecuing directly to Aaron and he will be more than happy to help you out with them.

Some of the videos in his course already had a few comments when I took this course for my sis, AND THE BEST PART is that none of them were left unattended.

Most of the comments and feedbacks had been responded to in some way!

And to add as a cherry topping, Aaron has already added a bonus video to the course where you will learn from him how the brisket meat became the most important ingredient for Texan barbequing.

Should you buy the course?

I sat down with my sister after she was through with the Masterclass to see what she thinks about the course.

She seemed pretty overwhelmed by how the power of the internet is getting millions around the globe to learn such exotic cooking arts from celebrity chefs like Aaron.

Overall, here some key things she pointed out from Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass:

  • She really loved Aaron’s teaching methods, which were very down-to-earth, neat, and organized from beginning till the end.
  • The course sections were structured nicely, which makes it easier for people to follow and learn better.
  • Often overlooked aspects like the quality of wood, technique of buying the meat, the “toothpick” technique of checking the hardness of the meat before serving, and more were given due emphasis and importance, sometimes through dedicated videos.
  • Emphasis on how the barbecuing principles can easily work on all other cuts of meats.
  • Encouraging students on working with standard equipment instead of buying expensive ones.
  • Detailed workbook and bonus videos.

MasterClass - Aaron Franklin

Aaron Franklin MasterClass & Student Reviews

Aaron Franklin MasterClass Reviews

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 Final Thought: Aaron Franklin MasterClass Review 2023

There is also an additional course that you can take on learning how to cook using a kettle grill or gas smoker.

If you are really that passionate about BBQ cooking and smoking, then you can consider buying an all-access masterclass pass as it will enable you to take multiple courses without having to pay any additional fee! Grab the All-Access Masterclass with the Masterclass Discount Code.

We hope this Aaron Franklin MasterClass review suits your purpose well.

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  11. This class is a cook’s dream. It has been one of life’s greatest loves since the time I was about six years old, and it never gets dull to me either. I love cooking with my kids, and this class really caters to their interests too! The skills you learn from Aaron make for some great bonding moments…I FELT LIKE MY BROTHER IS TEACHING ME , ITS PERFECT .

  12. I really loved Aaron Franklin’s course. He is a very engaging speaker and offers insightful tips that not only will teach you how he cooks but also give you techniques for cooking quality food in general. I think what attracted me most to this class was his insistence on doing things the right way, he even talks about why curing meat overnight is so important! Every section or chapter provide details on basics of barbecue or grilling, including meats and vegetables, often with safety/health considerations described in detail – something I found useful when starting out blogging about BBQ recipes myself. Overall a great deal from a master cookbook author!

  13. I’m really glad I found this class, because barbecue is one of my favorite things to eat. For anyone who loves cooking or just wants to learn something new, Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass on how he trains his staff will teach you all the secrets. After taking it myself, I can confidently say that Aaron’s easygoing personality and ability to break down complex techniques make him not only an excellent chef but also a great teacher. It comes with both written instructions and videos–you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to achieve!

  14. When I saw the description of this MasterClass, I was really excited. Aaron made his restaurant into a true destination and now, with this product you can be like him and make BBQ your passion. There’s lots to learn and he probably has some secrets that he won’t share but those happen in every trade! After watching it myself, I got an inch or two taller as cooking feels like such a great task. I would recommend that Take the leap and sign up now for FranklinBBQ Lover’s Guide to Barbecue.

  15. Aaron Franklins Masterclass is a tech school which I don’t recommend it.
    Every class is not relevant to everyone and the teachers are not good enough for tech schools.

  16. This video walks you through how to make brisket. Aaron Franklin doesn’t hold back and gives you all the information any good chef needs, along with his honest opinion and tips for beginners and experts. I loved this class and watched it twice (they give you lifetime access)… I loved the little “hindsight” insight into his career as he is discussing what has now become my favorite foods on planet Earth. He delves into where they source their meat from, why whole animal butchery is important, wood fuel as well as spice rubs/marinades that will elevate your food’s flavor profile – all of which is funny and engagingly informative. There is even a section on sausage making! Vegan recipes too!

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  19. Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass is not for everyone. It’s a technical class that teaches how to barbecue, and if you’re looking for a non-technical explanation of how this delicious craft works then stick with TV.

  20. “This is by far the best class ever. I did not know how to cook, but after this class I feel like cooking for my friends and family every day!” “It made me pro in BBQ”

  21. Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass is not what you are looking for if your interest is in food science. True, he might be America’s most famous pitmaster, but his expertise simply won’t provide the technical mastery you need to get ahead of other applicants. Avoid this class at all costs!

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  24. Don’t waste your time or money.The content seems irrelevant to me, please don’t buy this, trash it now- just delete it! His classes are really boring.
    I’m disappointed because the class is too theoretical, not descriptive enough for beginners instead its overly complex for professionals who already know how to use their own products well.

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  28. Aaron Franklin MasterClass is a series of YouTube cooking videos made by Aaron Franklin. If you are technical, or you want to know more about becoming a chef I would not recommend this class for you because it was not very helpful.

  29. I’ve been learning how to cook barbecue for 2 years and I still haven’t even touched the basics that Aaron teaches in his masterclass. For any of you who want to take your meat skills up a notch (or like, 10 notches), this is the course for you.

  30. The Aaron Franklin Masterclass is truly incredible. At first, I was skeptical about how much valuable information would be shared for the price of one-month’s Netflix subscription. However, as I watched this collection of 20 videos, my worries faded away because it proved to be an exceptional investment that had me hooked from start to finish! The online courses are professionally produced and easy to follow on the mobile app without any problems whatsoever.

  31. This was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. I love cooking and I love barbecue so it seemed like a perfect fit, but as someone who doesn’t have any experience or formal training as chef, I couldn’t just jump straight in without having some idea what to expect. With Aaron’s Master Class course you not only get tons of valuable information about how he would train new recruits at FranklinBBQ (the recipe is easy: ‘Cookin’ and Grillin’), but also step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on all sorts of topics from different recipes to sauces to dry rubs with many downloadable PDFs and videos. It’s an incredible resource for anyone trying to learn how to cook .I AM SO THANKFUL TO THIS.

  32. I’ve been a huge fan of Chef Aaron Franklin for a long time. He cooks up some serious barbecue and knows what’s up! I’m obsessed with his MasterClass, it covers absolutely everything from brisket to sausage. And the mobile app has an excellent user experience that makes following along easy. There have been tons of additions just recently to keep you motivated and feeling good about your BBQ skills. This is not only really educational but it’s also a ton of fun–would be hard to go wrong with this purchase!

  33. Every MasterClass includes nine classes with lessons normally just one hour long. They are released weekly, so you can learn at your own pace, no matter how fast or slow that might be. Every lesson is taught by an expert in the field with tons of hands-on knowledge and experience to share. You also get lifelong access to videos in case life gets in the way of catching up on what you missed out on! Today there are nine classes about barbecue – give them a try today!

  34. This is the best way to learn how to barbecue ever! You do not have to go through all of this trouble figuring it out for yourself. And, if you are an avid foodie, then this course will become your new favorite thing. I love hearing Aaron Franklin talk about barbecue—it is quite addicting. Plus, with over 6 hours of content and 24 lectures in total, what else would you need in life? If that’s not enough for ya then there are plenty more features included too . overall, for me , it is best !

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