A Journey of a YouTuber from Feeling Embarrassed to Being Confident -Blogging QnA ​

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Journey of a YouTuber from Feeling embarrassed to being Confident -Blogging QnA

Founder of Bloging QnA - Mangesh Bharadwaj
Founder of Bloging QnA - Mangesh Bharadwaj

So, it’s time to throw some light on Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj’s journey.He is a Blogger ,YouTuber and Affiliate Marketer from Haryana.

In Today’s interview you will come to know about his journey that how he started over with digital platforms i.e. YouTube, Blogging etc. and how he dealt with embarrassment and negative comments when he started his journey to create his identity  in Digital World.

Mayank:    Hi Mangesh, Tell us a bit about Yourself !

Mangesh:   Hey, Lovely people out there, this is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj a 22 years old Full-Time Blogger, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer and Founder of BloggingQnA.com and Youtube Channel with more than 15K+ Subscribers.

Apart from this, I am also running some micro-niche blogs in different niches, also having  Facebook Community – “ BloggingQNA” and a Telegram  group with more than 3.3K+ members.

Mayank:   How long have You been working Online?

Mangesh:    I have been working in the Online field since October 2016, when I was in my second year of graduation.   I struggled for almost 1.8 years, and after that I got my first earning in the online field.


Mayank:   What one event inspired you to get started with YouTube to Create Content?

Mangesh:  I don’t think there is such an event. When I was doing graduation in BBA,  I didn’t have any idea about what I will do in future. I was doing BBA because everybody was doing this in my friend circle.  Eventually I got to know about Adsense and from there I started exploring  blogging, and rest is history.

Mayank:   Why have you Chosen YouTube over other platforms to create Content?

Mangesh:   I chose YouTube over blogging because I found it easy as compared to blogging and Trust me, still I find it more easy and comfortable.

Mayank:   As most of the YouTubers know about Adsense only ,So What are the different ways by which a YouTube channel can be monetized?

Mangesh:   There are many ways through which you can monetize your Youtube Channel.

If I talk about simple and direct method for newbies than it’s Google Adsense and other methods are:-

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsored Videos
  3. Offering Digital Services to your Audience
  4. Selling Paid Courses
  5. You can also monetize it with live chat. etc.

Mayank:   How much revenue do you generate online? (Approx)

Mangesh:    Honestly speaking, I am not very comfortable sharing my Earnings. But on my audience demand and comments, I shared some of my earning proofs on my YouTube Channel and on on my blog also.

You can check them below:-

My Earning Proofs From Different Platforms

Here are my videos in Which I have shared some of the earnings proof.

How I Earned 1350 $  From Affiliate Marketing in 1 Month

How I Made $351+ from Google Adsense in 15 Days August 2019 With Payment Proof – Event Blogging

5 Proven Ways Of How Bloggers Make Money From Blogging

Mayank:   Many newbies get demotivated with negative video comments or with Less Video Views, So how can they deal with it ?

Mangesh:   Getting negative comments and dislikes on your videos is very common. If you don’t have haters then you are not on the right path.

Haters are the sign that you are becoming popular among people.  Haters gonna hate you or post negative comments because they don’t have other work to do.

In the initial days, I felt very bad when I was getting negative comments and abusive comments. Sometimes I tried to explain them but, as they are haters and they didn’t tried to understand.

After some time, I understood that you can’t satisfy everyone. Then I started ignoring them and, trust me Now I don’t care about negative comments, and I laugh at them.

Now let me show you how I am responding to negative comments these days, and I am just loving it.

BloggingQnA Youtube Channel Comments
Journey of a Youtuber
BloggingQnA Youtube Channel Comments

Mayank:   When you first started out were you embarrassed to tell people what you did?

Mangesh:    Initially, Yes, because I didn’t had anything to show people what I was doing, But Now, I can show them everything that I am doing and How much I am earning from this.

Even my parents didn’t supported me initially because they thought that How can I earn money by sitting at home. But now they are supporting me to the fullest. 😊

Mayank:   When did you first realize you were famous?

Mangesh:   Famous, Really? I don’t think I am famous till now. Yes, Now I am known to some people in my Niche, but not famous. I need to work more and more to be known and I am working hard on it.

Mayank:   Where can we find you online?


Here I am sharing all my social media profiles, Where you can find me online:-


Facebook :


Facebook Page

Telegram Channel

Currently I am using Instagram most of the time. If you want a quick response from my side then please connect with me on Instagram.

Mayank:  Why do you think it’s worth it for newbies to go into online video creation with all of the people already doing it?

Mangesh:   Yes, For sure everybody should try with videos. But the only One and most important tip I want to give is Be Consistent and Provide Value to your audience.

Consistency and providing value to your audience is the key of success in videos. This is what I have learned from my experience on YouTube.

I hope You got some learning from this Interview with Mangesh !

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