3 Best Python Courses Online 2023

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One of the top five most used programming languages worldwide is Python. Learning Python in 2022 will help you get employment in sectors that are heavily dependent on data science. In this article, 3 best Python courses online from reputed providers.

In comparison to other programming languages, it can also increase productivity. Python has many different uses, including game creation, AI, ML, financial analytics, and web development.

3 Best Python Courses Online

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Python Courses Online – Overview

With its extensive library support, Python is a strong programming language. Despite the fact that many developers use Python, which is a general-purpose language.

Python’s popularity is due to the fact that data scientists favor it as their preferred programming language! Python has the most basic syntax and is the closest programming language to plain English, on top of all that.

The need for data scientists and Python developers has been growing over the past few years and will continue to do so in the future due to developments in AI and data science. As a software engineer, data scientist, or data analyst, you can begin your career.

Being a Pythonista can be financially rewarding in addition to being popular due to its capabilities. The starting salary for Python developers is $70K, and the maximum salary is $120K. Python is widely used by big businesses like Google, thus there are lots of excellent job opportunities.

3 Best Python Courses Online 2023

1. Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero – Udemy

Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero

The Complete Python Bootcamp course finishes with a milestone project where you can put your programming abilities to use. It covers everything from fundamentals to advanced ideas. The cost is reasonable, and Udemy usually has sales on its courses.

The entire course consists of 19 coding assignments, 14 articles, and 22 hours of on-demand videos. Python setup, data types, object-oriented programming ideas, modules, functions, and developing GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system are covered after a brief introduction to the language. Additionally, you’ll design games like Blackjack and tic tac toe!

You can download course materials (including videos) from Udemy’s mobile app and learn while you’re on the road! You receive a certificate of completion from Udemy and lifetime access to the course materials after making a purchase.

2. Learn Intermediate Python – Udacity

learn intermediate python

The well-known and reputable online learning platform Udacity offers a nano degree in Learn Intermediate Python, which is more than just a course.

Large codebases with libraries and sophisticated Python topics are covered. The first section covers fundamental Python ideas, and the second looks at how to use free and open-source modules to improve your work.

You must be familiar with Python ideas and have some prior experience with Python in order to enroll in this nano degree. Payment schedules begin at $399 monthly and $558 for a two-month period. Additionally, there are other ways to pay for installments.

This online Python course can be finished in around two months if you work on it for 10 hours per week. Additionally, Udacity provides technical mentor support and a community for students to work together with like-minded individuals.

With this nano degree, Udacity additionally offers employment services like résumé assistance, Github evaluation, and LinkedIn profile optimization.

Given that Udacity is an established provider in the field, receiving a certificate at the end will greatly enhance your career possibilities. For individuals interested in a career in data science, this is among the best online Python courses available.

3. Introduction to Python – Datacamp

Introduction to Python

Python is becoming more and more well-known as data science advances. You will learn the fundamentals of Python, including lists, functions, methods, packages, and Numpy, in DataCamp’s Introduction to Python course. You can practice your coding abilities with a variety of challenges. There is an available community slack forum.

Students first learn the fundamentals of Python (variables, data types, operations). The second chapter elaborates on how to store, access, and alter data using Python lists. Python functions and packages are covered in the third module.

The final chapter examines Numpy, a Python data science package. Students continue their data exploration while learning how to make 1D and 2D arrays.

You don’t need any prior coding knowledge to take one of the top Python courses available online. After that, you can continue on a program for financial analytics or data analytics.

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